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Local Company Rescues Couple from Conservatory Roof Catastrophe

25th January 2005

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Location: Hyde
System: Replacement Roof

An Ultraframe approved installer had to come to the rescue of a couple whose dream conservatory turned into a nightmare at the hands of cowboy installers.

John and Sheryl Stevenson, from Gee Cross near Hyde, were left with an unsafe, leaking conservatory roof after a Manchester based company promised to fit a state of the art, top quality Ultraframe conservatory roof; but, in fact, fitted an inferior roof very badly. The Manchester Installation Company then appeared to stop trading.

Mrs Stevenson approached Ultraframe – the leading designer and manufacturer of conservatory roofing systems based in Clitheroe – and asked them to inspect her new conservatory. She was told by a company expert that the conservatory roof was not manufactured by them and that it was structurally unsound and, therefore, unusable.

Ultraframe was more than willing to help Mr and Mrs Stevenson and recommended a local Ultraframe Registered Conservatory Installer, who volunteered its services to install a stylish new conservatory. Further support was offered by another firm, who kindly provided the shaped frames for the conservatory. VEKA Plc –extruder of PVC profiles – provided the rest of the materials.

A Positive Outcome for the Stevensons

Homeowner Sheryl Stevenson said: “The last year has been a complete nightmare for us. We have spent 11 years renovating a derelict barn into our dream family home and the conservatory was supposed to be the finishing touch. Until now, it has just been a real disaster. After already spending £10,000 we thought that we would be forced to just write this money off. When Ultraframe offered their support, it was a huge relief, they have been great. They suggested we contact one of their independently vetted installers in our area, who provided the high-quality Ultraframe conservatory roof we wanted all along.”

The Ultraframe installer had this to say: “We pride ourselves in offering great customer care, excellent products and professional advice. When we heard about the Stevenson’s conservatory nightmare we were keen to get involved. As Ultraframe Registered Conservatory Installers, we are part of a national scheme to promote the highest standards of workmanship and service in the conservatory industry and stamp out the cowboy builders that give the rest of us a bad name.”

Sheryl continued: “The team who fitted the new conservatory roof were excellent. They were professional and they completed the job in only 5 days. As a result of our experience, I am only too aware of how levels of service and quality vary in this trade. I would stress to anyone thinking of installing a conservatory roof to find an Ultraframe Registered Installer. We can’t wait to start enjoying our new conservatory.”

Only companies who have passed stringent vetting criteria, including approval of homeowner references, are members of the scheme which gives homeowners confidence that they have selected an installer who will provide the highest standards of design, service, workmanship and customer service.


What are Your Options if a Conservatory Roof Installation Goes Wrong?

Fortunately, John and Sheryl Stevenson were able to resolve the problem with their poorly installed conservatory roof. Ultraframe was able to inspect the damage in this particular case and recommend a suitably qualified firm, who were then supported by equally important partners that helped them replace the Stevenson’s failing conservatory roof with a state-of-the-art Ultraframe alternative.

Whether your installer has fitted your conservatory roof badly – or you need to replace your poorly performing system with one that works – you probably don’t know where to start. There are many types of conservatory roof available and it can be a struggle sometimes to get past the industry jargon. Fortunately, Ultraframe speaks your language and can provide a range of roofing products to suit you.

Choosing the Right Glass

Glazing contributes strongly to the performance of a conservatory roof. Ultraframe uses Conservaglass for all of its installations, a high-performing glass product that’s coated with a clear bonding product that ensures dirt is always washed away with the rainwater. Conservaglass can also block out as much as 83% of sunlight and retain much-need warmth during winter – which means your conservatory will be warm all year round.

A Choice of Roofing Systems

Ultraframe can offer its customers two solid conservatory roof replacement systems:

  • Livinroof. This innovative system adroitly combines the very best attributes of a solid and glazed conservatory roof. The design can be articulated using glass and tile, with the homeowner specifying where each glazed section should be placed. This means it’s possible to direct where light falls to achieve the effect desired.
  • Ultraroof. An equally valid choice – if you’re looking for a high-performing replacement conservatory roof – is the Ultraroof380. This solid roof product includes a stunning plastered ceiling inside, which means your conservatory will look just as good on the inside as it does from the outside and add value to your home. 

Find Your Nearest Approved Ultraframe Installer

If your conservatory roof is no longer performing – or you are in the process of planning a conservatory – you can seek advice from an Ultraframe installer in your local area. Simply use our free search tool to look for one.

During the search process you’ll be invited to submit your details to us. If you want some impartial advice about our conservatories, orangeries or replacement roofs, we’ll be able to answer your questions in more detail when we get in contact.

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