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House Extensions - Perfect for the Keen Eyed Hobbyist

9th January 2018

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Location: Wakefield
System: House Extension

Jen Homer downsized to her terraced property in Wakefield around four years ago.   As a keen reader and seamstress Jen missed her old conservatory which afforded her lots of natural daylight to enjoy her hobbies.  

Fast forward four years and Jen concluded that it was time to look at her options for adding additional space to her property. With a fairly small garden Jen was adamant that she didn’t want to end up with a pokey garden and a structure that would dominate the back of her house.  

Jen was also committed to finding a solution that would eradicate some of the heating and cooling challenges that her previous conservatory presented.  Many homeowners struggle with a conservatory that remains too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

Jen Explains:

“I really enjoy needlecraft and sewing which ideally requires lots of natural daylight.  My previous conservatory was perfect, but in truth it was quite difficult to heat and cool at certain times of the day.  I guess that’s why it took me nearly four years to decide to have another conservatory-type extension.”

Jen’s search for her new glazed extension started, and indeed ended at B&P Windows in Wakefield.  B&P’s extensive showroom was the perfect location to view all the latest glazed house extensions available from Ultraframe and one look at our range and Jen had found her perfect room. We always strive to deliver exceptional quality across the board.

Our house extensions are available in two unique styles, the ‘Ultraroof Extension’ and the ‘Livinroof Extension’. Both of these styles can be tailored to suit your property style, whether your home is modern, traditional, period or heritage, we’ll have a house extension to perfectly suit. We listen to you, to ensure you get exactly what you are after.

As Jen Explains:

“It was just after a heavy snow fall back in April 2013 and it was bitterly cold when I went to visit B&P’s showroom, as soon as I saw these house extensions I was instantly drawn to them, they looked absolutely stunning so I began asking questions.  When I stepped inside I was surprised by how warm it felt and assumed that it was heated. When I asked what form of heating was being used, I couldn’t quite believe it when they told me there was no heating on.  Justin Grafton Holt from B&P explained how the thermal design performance of these house extensions worked.  Much like most people these days it was a major factor that I needed to consider to ensure that my heating bills could be easily managed.

Customisable House Extensions

Due to their innovative design, all of our house extensions are exceptionally versatile in their installation. This means that you’ll be able to tailor you new addition to suit you, including shape and size options for the perfect fit. An Ultraframe specialist will work closely with you ensure you get an extension that matches your specifications.

The internal pelmet that features in our house extension design also enables you to bring a personal flair to the interior. This pelmet is able to house a range of mood and main lighting, as well as speakers that feature internal wiring to your amplifier. All you have to do is choose what you want, and we’ll handle the rest.

B&P Explains the Impact Our House Extensions Are Having:

“The showroom Thermally Efficient Extension is incredibly striking.  It really captures the imagination and just proves that really strong colours can create a real stand out feature.  It might not be everybody’s cup of tea but it’s a real talking point and allows us to position the features and benefits of Thermally Efficient Extension.  I can clearly remember Jen’s first visit to B&P.  She was convinced we were using some hidden heating elements in the Thermally Efficient Extension so she was absolutely blown away by the thermal performance of the column structure when we explained how it worked.  Jen has a number of hobbies that really benefit from lots of natural daylight and as we were able to prove, even on a miserable snowy day in April, Thermally Efficient Extension is a brilliant all year round solution for people looking for additional space.

Find Your Nearest House Extensions Installer

As a result of our heavy investment into the research and development of all of our house extensions, they stand as the most technologically advanced systems on the current market. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy an unrivalled standard of quality, with a new addition to your home that you can enjoy 365 days a year.

Find your nearest approved Ultra Installer to guarantee yourself a smooth and prompt installation. We vet and assess all of our Ultraframe specialists before we approve them, which means they uphold our expected standards of professionalism, reliability and efficiency. You won’t have to settle for anything less when you choose Ultraframe.

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