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House Extensions Case Study

9th January 2018

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Location: Bristol
System: House Extension

Adding a house extension to a self build is not uncommon.  It can be a really stunning and effective way of joining the house and the garden and providing extra living space.  But until now, adding house extensions has either been incredibly costly for a bespoke orangery, or at the other extreme, styling options are fairly limited to conservatory type structures. Well that’s all changed.

Some parts of the conservatory industry have caught onto the opportunity of developing a house extension that thermally performs as well as a brick built structure but captures all the natural daylight of a conservatory or orangery. We are proud to offer a system that enables homeowners to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The company behind this house extensions system should know all about the needs and wants of a homeowner wanting to add valuable space to their home, Ultraframe has in fact manufactured over half the conservatory roofs in the UK. This impressive feat stands testimony to the standard of quality that we offer.

While the conservatory still has a place in the hearts of British homeowners, what our house extensions bring to the market is a room that performs exactly like a well built brick extension but at a much lower cost and faster delivery. Because it’s still classed as a conservatory, in many cases, it is usually exempt from the need for planning permission (check with your local planning office).

Our Sales and Marketing Director Explains Why This Type of Glazed Structure Is Proving to Be Popular:

 “The house extensions can be designed to blend in, or contrast with your property creating a personalised space that suits your taste and budget. You can select the colour of your house extension, the amount of glazing, the style of windows, doors and whether or not it opens up to the main property – and at the fraction of the cost of a brick built extension. All this delivered by an extensive network of Ultraframe accredited installers, who provide accurate budgets they stick to, prompt, efficient service and provide a meaningful guarantee.”

 “There’s one project that really stands out for me as a fantastic example of how an existing conservatory can be used as the footprint for a house extension. This couple were in the ‘move or improve’ space and decided that although they loved the extra space their conservatory gave them, the fluctuations in temperature in the conservatory made it difficult to enjoy in the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter. The Tappings happened upon our house extensions, and were absolutely in love with the idea of adding a Landmark Green extension to their home and personalising it in a way that they couldn’t with a conservatory.”

A Leading House Extension Design

While our designs have created a new category of house extension, it’s a great system that can be used to transform an existing conservatory that might be passed its best – especially if you are doing a partial self build and retaining the footprint of an existing building.  This means that they will stand as a cost-effective addition to any property.

While the renovation market for house extensions is fairly clear, our designs were originally developed to add completely new floor space to a home.  Also, because of the way our house extensions design is constructed the majority of the weight of the roof carried by the columns, the size and design are infinite.

Capture The Orangery Look the Easy Way

One of the most beautiful examples of a home extension is on a property in Chew Stoke, just outside Bristol.  It’s almost 30sqm which makes it a significant structure.  The couple who own this home had previously owned a property with a conservatory but were keen to find an extension solution that had all the light and space benefits of a conservatory but had the thermal performance of an extension.

They’d opted for an orangery until their installer saw our house extensions at the trade launch and knew that the Pure Cream would really appeal to the family.  As our house extensions utilise our innovative super insulated columns, homeowners are able to capture the charming aesthetic of an orangery without having to deal with awkward to install brick piers. These columns are also five times more thermally efficient than their brick counterparts.

Greenway Home Improvements Comments:

“This home in the village of Chew Stoke is absolutely stunning – it backs onto beautiful countryside so whatever solution the family opted for it needed to be highly desirable, but critically, needed to perform all year round.  The family didn’t want to obscure the countryside views and wanted to maximise as much natural light as possible.  The natural choice was a house extension from Ultraframe.  Now it’s finished it’s absolutely stunning.”

Versatile House Extensions

Our house extensions can also be used as a completely stand-alone building such as an office or garden living space.  It also comes in its own distinctive colour palette of classic white, pure cream, urban grey or landmark green.  As the roof is supported by robust, super insulated columns and pillars, glazing options can be comprehensive.

This includes many combinations such as sliding sash windows, bi-folds and deeper profiles in uPVC, aluminium or wood. Options also include the use of contemporary full length glazing or traditional glazing with a low perimeter wall – all of these options will ensure that all styles can be catered for so you won’t have to settle for anything less.

One of the biggest benefits of house extensions is the way the super insulated columns are manufactured to deliver the solidity of an extension.  This method of off-site construction means they can be constructed in a much shorter time frame than a brick-built extension and deliver superior thermal performance that far exceeds a standard conservatory.

A corner post and pillar u value of 0.15, which is 100% better than current Building Regulations, means that improved thermal performance and with that, year-round temperature control, usability can be increased.  You’ll be able to enjoy this new addition to your home 365 days the year, no matter the weather.

Find Your Nearest House Extensions Installer

Our house extensions are a stylish and stress-free way for you to bring market-leading quality to your home. This is made possible by a design that is the result of our extensive investment into the research and development of our products, ensuring they lead the way in terms of appearance and performance throughout.

Find your nearest Approved Ultra Installer to benefit from an installation process that excels in professionalism, efficiency, reliability and promptness. For your complete peace of mind, we vet and assess all of our Ultraframe specialists to ensure they are fully competent in the installation and handling of our leading systems.

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