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Greenway Home Improvements: House Extension Installation

9th January 2018

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Location: Chew Stoke, Bristol
System: House Extension

This impressive detached home in the desirable village of Chew Stoke, just outside Bristol, had recently undergone significant renovation when the family decided that they needed additional living space on the ground floor. Sometimes, finding the right home improvement can become a tedious, stressful and time-consuming affair. However, with some help from an Ultraframe specialist, this was not the case for this family.

Having previously owned a home with a traditional conservatory, the family decided that they wanted to build a house extension with all the light and space of a glazed structure but wanted to significantly improve upon the thermal performance of their previous conservatory, allowing them to be able to open up the space to their existing open plan layout, without having to experience completely variable changes in temperature.

The couple had previously committed to a brick pillar orangery structure, that was until they were shown the house extensions literature by long term Ultraframe customer, Greenway Home Improvements.  Their Director had attended the Ultraframe house extensions launch and was seriously impressed by the thermal performance of this type of structure.

Completely new to the market, and for the first time in the conservatory industry, our house extensions offer a flexible space that can be designed to blend in or create a stand out feature on any home.  On seeing the house extensions at the Ultraframe launch, Greenway Home Improvements immediately thought of the Chew Stoke property and contacted the owners.

The family switched their decision to install a (more expensive) orangery type structure and decided that the thermal performance and the ability to design the house extensions to blend with their home was the preferred route.  This way, they were able to get the very best of both worlds in a way that suited them. The below picture shows how their property looked before the upgrade.

Greenway Home Improvements Commented:

“The Ultraframe house extension is an impressive structure.  Not only does it have all the quality attributes you’d expect from an Ultraframe system, but it’s entirely different to anything else in the market.  Our customers, including the Chew Stoke family, love the adaptability.  This family decided to opt for the cream extension finish to blend in with their impressive detached home – but by the same token, other families are choosing urban grey and landmark green to create a real stand out feature, combining it with a really broad range of window and door designs to create a totally unique space.  That’s the beauty of this system – it’s as unique as every home owner that walks into our showroom.”

Thermally Efficient House Extensions

In addition to the incredible thermal performance of our house extensions, which is easily as efficient as a fully insulated, brick built extension, our extension is also winning customers for its efficient and no hassle on-site installation. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy an exceptional degree of quality in a sooner, as we understand that a prolonged installation service can result in increased stress and hassle.

Our house extensions comprise the super insulated column system, a design that has been inspired by the beautiful architecture of Italian Renaissance. Due to modern innovations, these columns achieve a degree of thermal efficiency that is five times that of a traditional brick pier. This means you’ll be able to enjoy an increased glazing without having to compromise on home comfort, allowing you benefit from increase natural light allowance across the board.

We Commented:

“Whether house extensions are being installed as part of a major renovation or just a simple add on to a home, nobody wants unnecessary disruption to their existing property or garden.  That’s where our house extensions come into their own. They deliver all the thermal and usability benefits of a traditional extension but essentially eliminates the need for a brick layer or a builder who has to battle with the unpredictability of British weather, which can impact not only the time it takes to build a structure, but can also impact how much remediation work is required to the property or the landscaping.  Our house extensions are expertly installed by one of our trusted professional installers, and of course, comes with all the guarantees you’d expect.”

Find Your Nearest House Extensions Installer

Investing heavily into the research and development of our house extensions allows us to offer a standard of home improvement solution that stands out on the current market. Achieving a system that stands as the most technologically advanced design in the industry, you won’t have to settle for anything less than unbeatable when you choose Ultraframe.

Find your nearest Approved Ultra Installer to make sure our exceptional house extensions are installed as they should be. Before we approve them, all of our Ultraframe specialists are assessed and vetted for their competency in professionalism, reliability, efficiency and promptness when handling our market-leading products.

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