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Dobson Home Orangery Installation: Mr & Mrs Cavendish

26th January 2018

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Location: Potters Bar
System: Orangery with Performance Glass / Insulated Internal Pelmet and Cornice

Mr & Mrs Cavendish love where they live so when they got the opportunity to retire early they were determined to make the most of their much loved home.  With fantastic neighbours, rolling countryside on the doorstep and central London just a short train journey away, Mr & Mrs Cavendish were excited about the future. This is why they chose to invest in one of our high performance orangery systems.

Available in a wide range of styles, and professionally fitted by our approved Ultra Installers, our orangeries are sure to be a fantastic addition to any property. You'll be able to enjoy a living area that remains comfortable throughout the year, no matter the weather. This means that Mr & Mrs Cavendish were able to find the perfect new addition, simply.

Mrs Cavendish explains:

“We’re so excited about our future but we knew that we needed to create a slightly different living space to allow for us to really enjoy spending a bit more time at home.  Dobsons Home really understood what we were trying to achieve and designed a superb, luxury living space.  Exactly what we wanted.” 

Professional Installation

Dobsons Home, experts at helping people improve their properties, were keen to help Mr & Mrs Cavendish create a beautiful extension that would allow them to enjoy time at home together but with unique spaces, ultimately giving them both a retreat. This means that they were able to create a new living area in their much loved home that perfectly suited their needs and requirements.

Much like all of our Approved Ultra Installers, Dobsons Home operated to the highest standards of professionalism, reliability and efficiency across the board. Mr & Mrs Cavendish were able to enjoy a standard of service that ticked all of the boxes, notably reducing the stress and hassle that can sometimes accompany large home improvement investments.

Steve Carpenter from Dobsons Home explains:

“Before we design any space we always start by looking at the overall living space, simply putting an extension onto the back of a property isn’t always necessarily the answer, in this case Mr & Mrs Cavendish had a very specific brief that would accommodate their change in lifestyle and give them a space that could be used all day and through all the seasons.  Their existing open plan living space didn’t really lend itself to them being at home together but doing different things.  Once we designed the Orangery as a luxurious, light-filled living space, Mr & Mrs Cavendish knew it would fit the bill perfectly.”

insulated internal pelmet Conservatory

Temperature Control

With beautiful early morning sunshine flooding the back of their home Mr & Mrs Cavendish were absolutely committed to creating a space that would make the most of the natural daylight while delivering maximum heat control. Due to the effective temperature regulation properties of our orangeries, they remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You won't have to settle for anything less.

Our orangeries can also be fitted with our high performance super insulated columns. These innovation columns are inspired by the traditional aesthetic of the Italian Renaissance. They achieve a standard of thermal efficiency that is five times that of traditional brick piers and capture a beautifully traditional charm. You'll be able to enjoy timeless quality in your home.

Mrs Cavendish explains:

“From the outset, we wanted a glass roof and we’d researched Ultraframe independently so knew they had a superior glass roof that could easily manage the heat throughout the year.  We didn’t want to end up with a space that could only be used intermittently throughout the year.  

We also hate blinds and anything fussy - we really wanted the roof to be the ultimate focal point.  We also wanted to elevate the design away from a standard conservatory and Steve showed us the internal pelmet system and cornice and together they really create a lovely framework for the roof and give us a good balance between Orangery and ‘real room’ feel.”


The final Orangery design features two roof vents and two large sliding doors, flooding the extension with light throughout the seasons. This allowed them to create a completely seamless connection to their garden and property interior, serving their needs for increased and effective accessibility. Bi-fold doors can also be accompanied with a low threshold for increased accessibility for wheelchair and pushchair users. 

We offer a wide range of customisation and colour options across our orangery range, which enables you to get the perfect new addition to your home. Approved installers like Dobsons home will work closely with you to ensure you get a home improvement solution that not only stands in line with the style of your property, they also serve as an extension of your personal taste.

Mrs Cavendish tells us:

“I know bi-folds are popular but in our view, they’re only good if they’re fully open, we wanted to maximise the amount of uninterrupted glazing even with them closed, so sliders were the more natural choice.  We’ve also got two simple roof vents that easily manage the air flow in the Summer.”

insulated internal pelmet Conservatory

Orangery Furniture

Keen to style the orangery in a contemporary ‘living’ room rather than a conservatory, Mrs Cavendish has chosen comfy leather sofas and a glass coffee table creating the perfect space for entertaining and relaxing. They found that bringing in the right furniture was essential to ensuring they got the perfect feel for their orangery interior. Now, it's just another piece of home.

Mrs Cavendish concludes:

“you often read about people bringing the garden into the home, but for us, the Orangery is very much about creating a second living space.  Yes, it’s great to watch the seasons changing, but really and truly the ‘living space’ value the Orangery brings to our home is priceless. 

Often, I can be found chatting to a friend on the phone in the lounge while my husband can listen to music and read the paper undisturbed in the Orangery. The Orangery is the best home improvement decision we’ve ever made - we love it and I can’t thank Dobsons Home enough - it’s beautiful.” 

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