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Catch the Sun on a Cold Day with an Ultraframe Conservatory

4th January 2018

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System: Conservatory

The McKechnie family's beautiful T-shaped Ultraframe conservatory is used as a second lounge, and the family feel that it has greatly enhanced their living area and added a feeling of more light and space to their home.

The McKechnie family are in the 30 plus age group with two children aged 12 and 15. Their beautiful T-shaped Ultraframe conservatory is used as a second lounge and has added a feeling of more light and space to their home.

Mrs McKechnie told us "The whole family enjoys spending time there. We chose the green frame colour to fit in with the local environment and the traditional style of Cotswold stone and are extremely pleased with the result.”

We always wanted a conservatory on our detached house and are delighted that we went ahead. The installation team were fantastic, and we developed a very close and trusting relationship with them pre and post installation."

Explore the Many Benefits of an Ultraframe Conservatory

Why should you add a conservatory to your home? Extending your home in this way will reward you with a wide range of benefits – so many, in fact, that you’ll wonder why you didn’t ask your approved Ultra Installer to fit one sooner.

More Space to Spread Out In

The McKechnie’s benefitted from their new conservatory because it functioned as a second lounge that they could spend time in. Although your requirements may be different, the additional room provided by a new conservatory could be used as a dining area, study, or playroom. The possibilities are wide-ranging.

If you have been thinking of moving, think again. Instead of increasing the size of your mortgage to get more space – and incurring expensive legal fees along the way – you could invest in a new conservatory and stay where you are. Extending your home will be less expensive in the long-term and be less disrupting.

Increase the Value of Your Home

A new conservatory will make your home more saleable if you decide to sell it at a later stage. The additional space you’ve created – whether it takes the form of a lounge, dining area or bedroom – will be appealing to prospective buyers with families. A conservatory will, therefore, increase the market value of your property.


A Thermally Efficient Barrier

A conservatory acts as an intermediary space that separates your home from the outside. An Ultraframe conservatory will include high-performing glazing that blocks out as much as 83% of solar rays, which means your new room won’t overheat during summer – equally, it will retain heat well in winter and keep you warm.

Ventilation will also help regulate the temperature in your conservatory. During warmer months, the trickle vents included in your Ultraframe roof as standard will provide warm moist air with an exit point and prevent the damaging build-up of condensation, which could lead to the production of mould.

Upgrading your conservatory design to include roof vents will help further prevent damp-related issues from occurring. You’ll be able to choose between manual or automatic roof vents, the latter of which uses sensor technology to decide when to open or close – depending on the temperature or whether it’s raining.

All of this adds up to a new room that’s thermally efficient. The technology used to build your new room will ensure your extension produces a low U-value, which will translate into lower heating costs and a reduced carbon footprint. In every possible way, your new conservatory will be a cost-effective investment. 

Replace Your Conservatory Roof

If your existing structure is being let down by a roof that was installed a long time ago, or poorly fitted, you may not need to incur the expense of rebuilding it. Instead, you could invest in a replacement roof.

Contact us for information about our:

  • Livinroof. Blending the best attributes of a solid and glazed roof, this design allows glass panels to be inserted at preferred junctures. You’ll be able to decide exactly where the light falls and benefit from an internal ceiling pelmet that’ll make your conservatory feel more like a room.
  • Ultraroof. Just like the Livinroof, this is a solid replacement conservatory roof. It also allows for the introduction of glazed panels, but you’ll also be able to opt for Velux windows. Again, a roomlike effect can be achieved with this design, due to the inclusion of an internal ceiling pelmet.

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