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Cheadle Glass: A Pawtal with a Difference!

21st May 2008

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Location: Stockport
System: Conservatory

Stockport based Ultra Installer, Cheadle Glass, have recently carried out an installation with a difference – a stunning portal structure which houses a large swimming pool and hydrotherapy spa for dogs!

Working closely with Ultraframe – and the building contractor, Yorklodge Developments – Cheadle Glass created the housing for the first canine hydrotherapy pool of its kind in Cheshire, at Groom & Room, a highly respected dog-grooming centre and kennels, which can now offer a full range of canine services. Sophisticated winching equipment attached to one of the main portal beams ensures that dogs up to 28 stones in weight can be safely transported from the spa into the main hydrotherapy pool for their treatment.

Creating the Right Environment with Conservaglass

Whilst the idea of a dogs’ swimming pool may sound comical at first, the benefits of hydrotherapy to elderly or infirm canines are amazing, with one minutes swimming in the pool being the equivalent of the dog running for 1 mile on land. The state-of-the-art pool at Groom & Room can also be used ‘just for fun,’ with doggy pool parties looking to be a distinct possibility! The impressive structure is glazed with high-performance Ultraframe Conservaglass to ensure a comfortable interior temperature for the dogs (no matter what the weather) while the subtle blue tint ensures a light and bright environment. 

UltraFrame Comment

“Conservaglass – sometimes referred to as performance glass – is an Ultraframe product that is most often used in conservatories to maintain a comfortable temperature. The glazing deflects the sun’s rays during warmer periods and helps retain heat generated by internal appliances at all other times, resulting in an internal environment that’s never too hot and never too cold. It was the perfect choice for the canine hydrotherapy project and has strongly contributed toward the creation of a comfortable and sustainable environment for these dogs to convalesce in”

Phil Alley of Cheadle Glass commented: “When we were approached by Yorklodge Developments to help create a portal structure which would house a dog swimming pool, we were thrilled to get the chance to work on such an unusual project. There have been many challenges along the way to create a portal that not only complemented the host property, but also provided the structural stability needed to allow Groom & Room the confidence to carry dogs of up to 28 stones in weight in the hoist on the main portal section. We knew that the market leading Ultraframe system with its innovative features and outstanding level of structural integrity could handle this unique job.”

The Capacity to Respond to Projects of Scale

Groom & Room has been established in Knutsford for several years and interest in the new service it offers has been high, with appointments already pouring in from existing clients – as well as referrals from local vets for dogs with a range of conditions, which can benefit from hydrotherapy. The owners of the Groom & Room canine complex are thrilled that the hydrotherapy centre is now up and running after several years of careful planning and research.

Ultraframe Comment

“A portal frame – which is best described as an aluminium box section ‘skeleton’ – provides crucial support in cases where a traditional roof can’t be sustained by the frames, stiffeners or tie bars. The large span roof needed for the Groom & Room project required the addition of a portal frame to ensure structural integrity. The roof has worked to great effect – as has been demonstrated by its ability to withstand the weight of some very heavy dogs”

Craig Keighley, Area Manager for Ultraframe, worked closely on the project with Cheadle Glass. Craig commented: “The owners of Groom & Room had been exploring the possibility of a hydrotherapy pool for several years but were unsure as to the best type of building to house the complex in. The chosen portal structure, which was created with the help of the team at Ultraframe and Cheadle Glass, looks amazing. This is one of the most challenging projects I have been involved with during my 10 years at Ultraframe, particularly ensuring that the portal frame could carry the weight of some extremely large dogs in the winch and also ensuring that there was enough roof height to operate the complex machinery. With the unsurpassed technology of the Ultraframe system combined with Ultraframe Conservaglass, it’s a great place for the staff and dogs at Groom & Room to enjoy all year round, whatever the weather.”

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