Wallpaper Buyers Guide


If you want to freshen up your room and make it look up-to date and contemporary, why not give it a new look with one of our stylish wallpapers. Good quality modern wallpaper is durable and easy to hang and they come in a large choice of colours, textures and stylish designs.


WallpaperThere’s a few things that you may need to consider when choosing a wallpaper for your room or home extension. Firstly, consider where the wallpaper is going. If the paper is going to be used to decorate a child’s bedroom or a bathroom then it could be advisable to use washable wallpaper which is more durable in humidity and can be wiped down.


You also need to take account of the kind of light in the room. In a light room rooms you may prefer darker and warmer tones to soften the brightness, or you may want to use pastel colours to enhance and compliment the light. For this reason also look at the paper in artificial light as this will differ from natural light.


To achieve the best results, walls must always be prepared correctly. Some wallpapers require the walls to be lined first and some need a specific adhesive or paste to stick it to the wall. Always read the label on the roll before choosing a paste or putting up your wallpaper.  


Once you’ve applied the paste to the wallpaper ensure you give it sufficient time to soak. Soaking allows the wallpaper to expand and absorb all of the paste. If you don’t allow a sufficient time for the paper to soak it could blister. Always read the manufacturers guidelines for soaking times.   


If blisters do appear as the wallpaper start to dry out, ease the paper away from the wall and brush it down again, pushing out the air in the process. If blisters persist, it could mean that the wallpaper has not had sufficient time to absorb enough moisture from the paste.


Probably the most common mistake when wallpapering is hanging the paper the wrong way up! Make sure you check which way up the design goes before you do.