Table Buyers Guide

Dining Tables

Choosing a dining table to go in your Ultraframe home extension can be a difficult process and there are many things to consider. It all depends on the style, design and colour you are aiming for to get that perfect table for you. Take a look at these useful suggestions to help you with your decision:


TABLE2Modern and contemporary style – The current designer trend is very industrial as can be seen in many restaurants and bars. Reclaimed wood table tops, metal legs, glossy finishes are all in trend so it’s important to identify the modern look you are after. For colour, very light or very dark woods are good to give the table a modern feel, or a combination of different materials and contrasting chairs is also good to give a more relaxed ‘fun’ look. Up-cycled designs and contrasting colours give you that personal touch. 


The Country / Rustic style – Light pastel colours, whitewash finishes and chunky reclaimed waxed finishes. In darker rooms or spaces, go for light or cream finishes or in light spaces a darker wood can give you the dramatic effect.


The Traditional Look – teak and oak finishes and warm period wood shades will help you achieve the traditional look. Chunky table legs will give the feel of solidity and quality and will also give the impression of a look that is practical and fuss free. Try leather chairs to add extra design and comfort.


Tables for small spaces - Circular dining tables will seat as many diners as a square or rectangular table with a much larger surface area. Or, if it’s a square or rectangular table you want, why not match it with a bench instead of chairs to save space? Light colours and reflective materials will help stretch a space where a glass table will also give the feeling of extra space.


What’s the table for? – Obviously the main use for a dining table is to eat at it, but a dining table is often multi functional. They are often used as another kitchen worktop or a place for the kids to do their homework. Choosing the right finish is important if the table is going to be used more than just occasionally. Veneered table tops tend to be very hard wearing and reclaimed or distressed wood finishes will hide any knocks or scrapes,.... they could even add to the character.  


Choose the right size for your room – one of the best ways to find out if the table you want will fit your room is to lay newspaper on the floor, allowing space between the paper and the walls for the chairs, or any other furniture. Allow at least 60cm between the table and the wall.

Allow between 55cm and 60cm per table setting; for a circular table, allow around 75cm. If the chairs you are choosing have arms (carvers), you will need another 10cm per place setting, so plan on around 70cm per seat.


Table heights vary so if you're buying dining chairs separately, check measurements carefully to get the correct height.

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