Chambered domed transom glazing bar end cap

Available in colours -
White, White (Blue), Light Oak, Rosewood / Mahogany,

A transom bar is the glazing bar that goes from the conservatory ridge body down to the eaves beam of the conservatory roof, usually along the side of a conservatory. This end cap is for the Ultraframe Classic roof systems Chambered Domed style top cap  and it covers the end of the transom bar where it meets the eaves to give the roof an aesthetic look. Please ensure you have Chambered domed top cappings- Ultraframe Chambered cappings have a twin walled skin

Ultraframe end caps are distinguished by the rose motif featured on them and this is one of a number of ways you can tell you have a genuine Ultraframe Classic roof- Please ensure you order the rose motif separately if you are buying a Chambered domed top capping as they are sold individually.