Why ask for a certificate of authenticity from your Ultra Installer?

Why ask for a certificate of authenticity from your Ultra Installer?

When having a new conservatory installed make sure that the roof is a high quality, long-lasting system made by Ultraframe.

Ask your installer for the Certificate of Authenticity that Ultraframe supplies with all of its roofs. This legally-binding document guarantees that you have been sold an Ultraframe conservatory roof and will allow you to demonstrate that your conservatory is of the highest quality to any future buyers of your house.

The roof of a conservatory is its most important structural component. It supplies rigidity and strength to the rest of the structure and without a high quality roof the life of a conservatory will be drastically shortened.

Ultraframe roofs are made in accordance with the highest engineering principles and are designed to withstand every type of weather prevalent in the UK. Every roof is approved by the British Board of Agrement and every Ultraframe conservatory has the BBA's 25 year expected lifetime guarantee. Ultraframe was the first conservatory manufacturer to achieve this guarantee. Ultraframe roofs were also the first and so far only systems to pass the US BOCA standard, widely acknowledged as the toughest testing regime in the world.

Ultraframe roof systems are adaptable. This allows them to be used on difficult sites where other manufacturers roofs would not be suitable. It also allows buyers to personalise their conservatories with a wide variety of finials, ridge-cresting and tie-bars.

Unlike other manufacturers Ultraframe use thermally treated aluminium rather than uPVC window surround material for its roof systems. This helps to ensure that your roof doesn't spring a leak as it ages. Their roof systems are able to accommodate 25mm thermally treated polycarbonate and glass roofs which help to keep warmth in your conservatory and cut heating bills.

Currently their roofs are the only systems on the market that incorporate ventilation systems as standard. Ultraframe continually invest in research and development in order to push the design of our roofing systems steadily forward. When you buy an Ultraframe roof you can rest assured that you have the leading system on the market and that everything possible has been done to give you complete peace of mind.