What can I do about cracked conservatory roof panels?

What can I do about cracked conservatory roof panels?

Imagine this - you're sitting in your conservatory on a gorgeous summer day, sipping a nicely chilled glass of Chardonnay, working on a Sudoku, when you look up and - horror of horrors - you notice a dirty great crack across one of your roof panels. Talk about instantly dampening a lovely day.

Of course, the first question that will race through your mind is: How did the crack get there? The truth is, you'll probably never find out. Perhaps a child next door whacked a cricket ball for six and your conservatory was out for a duck as a result. Maybe a tile fell from your roof and cracked the panel on its way through to the ground. Perhaps the panel wasn't properly installed in the first place. Whatever it was, the important thing is to get the cracked panel replaced as soon as possible. Falling glass is, of course, extremely hazardous.

So, how do you go about replacing your cracked panel? The first thing to consider is that replacing or repairing a conservatory roof is not really a job you can do yourself. Typically, a conservatory involves a great deal of glass, and working with glass is a job that is best left strictly to the professionals.

The first thing you should do is contact an Ultra Conservatory Installer who specialises in conservatory repairs. Usually, they will come out and inspect your conservatory under no obligation, and advise you on what is required.

In some circumstances it may be suggested that the whole roof needs replacing. This is likely the best practise if the roof has been poorly constructed or installed. If this is the case, then further cracks and problems are likely in the long run, and it will be much more cost-effective to have the roof replaced as a whole rather than repeated repairs being needed over the lifetime of your conservatory.

Your conservatory ought to be a light and airy room that is a pleasure to spend time in at all times of the year. You can make sure it is kept that way by checking for problems on a regular basis, and employing professional services to address any you may find.