How to choose conservatory lighting

As the daylight starts to fade, you can use conservatory lighting to create a subtle balance between outside and inside light. Choosing the right lighting can enhance the atmosphere of your conservatory or orangery, whether you use it as an additional living area or as a space to entertain. Here are some conservatory lighting choices to consider.



Chandeliers are a real statement of style and can be a stunning centre piece. If you are throwing a dinner party, a chandelier will add an elegant touch to your conservatory. Perhaps not suitable for everyday use, chandeliers are best kept in reserve for those special occasions.


Pendant lights are suspended from the conservatory ceiling and are ideal for bright overhead lighting. Available in a wide range of styles, pendant lights are more for occasional use, although you can control brightness with a dimmer switch.


Recessed spotlights are ideal for conservatories. Create a great atmosphere with recessed and directional spotlights in the ceiling to pick out details in the conservatory, such as a potted plant or stone feature. Spotlighting mounted on a wire system is another good option and is easier and quicker to install than individual spotlights.

Floor lamps

If you have a terracotta or flagstone floor, floor lamps can create a wonderful warm and relaxed mood in a conservatory. Add a few comfortable chairs and you’re ready to unwind. A single floor lamp, modern or traditional in style, will be enough to achieve

the desired effect – two floor lamps might be even better!

Table and wall lighting

Well placed table and wall lights are another way of having just enough light in your conservatory. Wall lights are most effective when fixed at a medium height so as not to be too harsh and are great at showing off textural wall details, hangings or ornaments. Table lamps come in a wide range of styles and sizes and are also ideal for creating a warm and relaxed mood in your conservatory.

Picture and outdoor lights

Two more lights to consider include slim line picture lights, to gently illuminate a favourite painting or artwork on the wall of your conservatory, and outdoor lighting, which is perfect for picking out a garden detail, flowerbed, water feature, or stately tree.