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What Is A Garden Room?

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Garden Rooms: An Overview

For those that really want to bring the garden inside a garden conservatory is the perfect choice.

Garden conservatories are perfect for garden lovers and horticultural enthusiasts as well as people who simply want a refuge away from the house. Whilst a conservatory is seen as an extension of the main property a garden conservatory is more often than not a free standing building usually found away from the house at the bottom of the garden. Popular designs for garden conservatories include the lantern and the gable shaped conservatory. Planning rules do apply to garden conservatories.

A garden conservatory is an extension of the garden indoors and they are usually used for what conservatories were originally intended- to grow flowers and plants and also to offer protection from the winter frost and other adverse weather. Garden conservatories also allow homeowners to grow plants or flowers out of season meaning even in late autumn you can sit in your conservatory and enjoy the fragrance and beauty of your favourite flower.

A garden conservatory need not solely be used for growing plants and flowers. It is also perfect for a home office with its location away from the main house offering a quiet retreat from the day to day activities of family life or it could alternatively be used as a playroom as we all know children should be seen but not heard.

What Exactly is a Garden Room?

The definition of the Garden room varies around the world but in the UK it usually refers to a glass framed extension, much like a conservatory, with either a flat solid roof or a pitched tiled roof. The garden room offers a real alternative to people who may have considered a traditional brick built extension but the benefits are limited compared to a conservatory.

Although a garden room offers more space if does not offer the same benefits in terms of extra light and bringing the garden in to your home like a conservatory does. The cost of a garden room is usually slightly more expensive than a conservatory and will also take longer to build.

With a solid roof a garden room offers more privacy than a glass roofed conservatory and is also perfect for bungalows due to their low eaves height which is similar to a sunroom. A garden room is great alternative to a traditional extension as it can be used all year round and remains cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Garden rooms do not usually need require planning permission however due to the solid roof they will need to comply with building regulations. Your Ultra Installer will usually obtain this for you but please double check with them to ensure this is undertaken.

Typically, conservatories are places designed to chill out in, where you can sit and read a good book, or simply enjoy an evening's conversation with friends and family. Conservatories can be versatile rooms, and if you use a little thought and imagination, instead of bringing your home into your garden, you could bring your garden into your home.

The glass roof and exterior panels of a conservatory makes the room an ideal place in which plants can thrive and flourish, meaning you can turn your conservatory into the most pleasant room of your house in which it's a delight to spend time in at any time of the year. Come rain or shine, you will have the perfect place to relax.

So, why not consider giving your conservatory a whole new lease of life and turn it into a custom garden room? This is a way of adopting a brand new and extremely rewarding hobby. Tending plants and vegetables requires attention and dedication, but the rewards when your plants bloom and your vegetables ripen are inspiring.

A Practical Option

The added beauty of bringing your gardening indoors is that you don't have to worry about undertaking your important gardening tasks in the rain or freezing cold, plus the plants you are trying to nurture are protected from the elements all year round. Multi-functional and high performance, garden rooms are sure to be the perfect addition to any home.

Of course, indoor plants need a lot of watering as the rain can't get to them, so if you're aiming to turn your conservatory into a garden room and you've a carpet down it's time to rip it up. You need to think about adding a tiled floor, and making sure your newly reappointed room has proper drainage.

Your plants are going to need suitable ventilation as well, so creating openings within your conservatory is a must. Be mindful about security though - don't leave your home vulnerable to miscreant activity when you are away. Securing peace of mind is made easy with this exceptional design.

As for the plants themselves, there are several specialist companies who will give you advice and suitable specimens when it comes to filling your new garden room. If you've a fancy for seeing your fingers turn a vibrant shade of green and to bless your sometimes-forgotten conservatory with a new lease of life, then this is surely the way to go.

High Performance Garden Rooms

Enhancing your home is made easy with our exceptional range of market-leading conservatory systems, each of which offers its own unique standard of performance and design. All of our conservatory options can easily be tailored to function as an efficient and practical garden room that functions throughout the year.

Our options include the classic, designer and performance design, which can be expertly tailored to suit your home, budget and preferences. All of our Ultraframe specialists are well versed in handling our products, ensuring you get a conservatory that is fitted. A badly fitted system can result in draughts and water ingress, which can be detrimental to plant health.

Due to their modern designs, our conservatories are also able to regulate temperature across the year effectively. This means that your plants won’t get too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter, remaining at a consistent and healthy temperature throughout.  It’s never been easier to bring a high performance addition to your home.

Beautiful Garden Room Aesthetic

Combining function and form, our conservatories are able to offer a beautiful ‘room like’ interior. This is made possible by our intelligently designed internal pelmet, which can also house lighting options and internal speaks hooked up to your sound system. Not only will our garden rooms function as the perfect place for your plants, they will suit you too.

If you’re looking for your garden room to capture a more traditional appearance, our super insulated columns draw their aesthetic from the classic architecture of the Italian Renaissance period. Operating to a notably higher degree of thermal efficiency than a brick pier, these columns will help to keep your plants healthy in a stylish way.

Find Your Nearest Conservatory Installer

Whatever you are looking to use your conservatory as, your nearest approved specialist will be able to accommodate. We invest heavily in the research and development of our products to ensure they always operate at the cutting-edge of performance and design. There is no reason to settle for anything less than the best.

Find your nearest Approved Ultra Installer to make sure your conservatory is handled by a professional. We test and assess all of our specialists before they are approved, which ensures they always operate to the highest standards of reliability, efficiency, promptness and respect for your home.

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