Garden Conservatories

For those that really want to bring the garden inside a garden conservatory is the perfect choice

Garden conservatories are perfect for garden lovers and horticultural enthusiasts as well as people who simply want a refuge away from the house. Whilst a conservatory is seen as an extension of the main property a garden conservatory is more often than not a free standing building usually found away from the house at the bottom of the garden. Popular designs for garden conservatories include the lantern and the gable shaped conservatory. Planning rules do apply to garden conservatories.

A garden conservatory is an extension of the garden indoors and they are usually used for what conservatories were originally intended- to grow flowers and plants and also to offer protection from the winter frost and other adverse weather. Garden conservatories also allow homeowners to grow plants or flowers out of season meaning even in late autumn you can sit in your conservatory and enjoy the fragrance and beauty of your favourite flower.

A garden conservatory need not solely be used for growing plants and flowers. It is also perfect for a home office with its location away from the main house offering a quiet retreat from the day to day activities of family life or it could alternatively be used as a playroom as we all know children should be seen but not heard.