Extension, Conservatory and Orangery Installers in Thatcham, Berkshire

When Ultraframe was set up, we knew we didn't want to provide some anonymous, centralised, impersonal service. And for over 30 years, the hallmark of our growth has been developing a network of local installers, who are close to our customers, who understand where you live and how you want to live. Now, that network has extended to Thatcham.

Set in the Royal County of Berkshire, Thatcham is one of England’s ancient towns, yet well-known for combining the new with the old. Home to Windsor Castle on the one hand, Thatcham also has many high-technology companies flourishing within its borders. But residents of Thatcham know they’re really special, because Thatcham is widely regarded as the oldest town in Britain, with evidence of human occupation dating back over 13,000 years. Thatcham saw the Romans, the Saxons, and was also mentioned in the great Domesday Book. Its church has its roots as far back as the 7th century. Once known for wood turning, coopery and cloth manufacture, Thatcham is a name now recognised across the whole world via a research centre that helps drive international standards on road vehicle safety. 

Your connections may not be ancient – you may have arrived in Thatcham much more recently. But you know it’s a great place to live, with a future as well as a past. If you’re reading this, it’s probable that you’re thinking of making your own contribution to Thatcham's long history of human habitation. And we're certain Ultraframe can provide you with precisely the options you want. 

In addition to the ever-popular conservatory, please do explore this website and discover our range of orangeries - truly elegant, lofty spaces which will add amazing new life to your home by flooding it with light. And of course, we offer single storey extensions too. 

Our Ultra installers give homeowners in Thatcham, Berkshire certainty that the entire process, from intitial plans through to competed installation, will be absolutely as they intended. Our Ultra installers have been independently approved by the (BBA), the UK’s major approval body for new constructors and installers. These installers are fully trained, and re-inspected on an ongoing basis.

Our structures are built to the highest standards. They are practical, beautiful and installed by skilled craftsmen in your community. Contact Ultraframe today to find out more or find a local installer here

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