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At Ultraframe, we bring conservatories to homes in Bradford that keep your home warm. Often, older designs have issues dealing with the heat in the summer and the cold of the winter. However, our builds are usable throughout the year, always comfortable, and provide your home with a brand new space full of possibilities. 

Ultraframe's designs are sleek, stylish and perfectly suited to homes in Bradford. You'll be able to install one of our spaces for your home to extend it, free up other rooms, and bring nature closer to your home. And, with double glazing as standard in our designs, you'll always have beautiful views of the outside world.

 You could benefit from Ultraframe's range of conservatories even if you already have one in your Bradford home. With us, you can replace parts of your space and refresh it, giving it better performance and helping it to last for years longer. 

And, if you'd like to get greater control of your home's comfort and lighting, why not invest in one of our conservatory roofs? We offer market leading solid and tiled roof options that could help you save money on your energy bills and make your home more usable throughout the year.

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Ultraframe's range of conservatories can suit any Bradford home. We offer a range of build styles, unique features and bespoke accessories that help you craft a space that reflects your personality. Additionally, you can design your new room from the ground up with us. That means you can customise the build to suit your needs. If you'd like to open your home up to your garden, you could benefit from our innovative sliding and bi-fold door options. And, with our three distinct conservatory collections, you can decide exactly how you want to extend your Bradford home.

Our classic conservatories bring a touch of timelessness to any home in Bradford. These options have sleek designs, but they're combined with new solutions to keep your new space warm and safe. We use the latest roof and glazing technology in your new room, and you can fully customise the design to reflect your style.

Meanwhile, our performance conservatories can protect your Bradford home for years to come. You'll be getting a fully weatherproof build that won't weaken in wind and rain, or let draughts into your home. And, with our super insulating pelmets, you can get five times more energy efficient than regular conservatories in Bradford.

Alternatively, you might be considering an extension. However, extensions are costly, and they don't brighten up your home in the same way as a conservatory can. With Ultraframe, though, you can choose conservatory extensions with high performance glazing and walls. That way, you get the best of both worlds.


If you want a new room for your home, you'll have plenty of options with Ultraframe. That's because we have a broad range of build styles that you can choose between to lift your property. The range features the UK's most popular styles, traditional classics, modern alternatives, and designs you may not have seen before. 

That way, you can get a full picture of the options you have to extend your Bradford home. Not only that, but you can specify the exact dimensions of your new build and the unique features you'd like to add to it for a bespoke, made to measure fit.

Lean-to conservatories are a new, modern option for homes in Bradford. These designs use a flat roof that leans against a wall of your home, giving the design its title. Usually, these builds are smaller, which means fewer parts and less cost. However, you'll still get brilliant insulation and comfort for every day of the year.

The Victorian build is the UK's most popular design. It has traditional elegance and lets natural light flood your living space. You'll get a stunning, ornate roof with decorative cornices, as well as a bay front full of double glazing. Because of this, you'll get beautiful views of the outside world all the time.

Edwardian or Georgian conservatories use a square floor plan. Because of this, you get more space in your build and have more options for how you use the design. Its sleek roof provides slim sightlines, giving you excellent views whatever the weather, and you'll get a fully weatherproof design for when it turns on you.

A gable-end conservatory adds real elegance to any space. The gable style uses a high-pitched roof, providing plenty of overhead space and natural light. With a square floor plan, you'll have room to create a new social space, lounge or dining area in a bespoke space that has true character.

You may want conservatories that add even more space to your Bradford home. Fortunately, at Ultraframe, we have styles with space that seem to go on forever. Take our P-shaped build: the design combines a Victorian and Lean-to build at a 90-degree angle, giving you two stunning spaces in one.

The T-shaped build is fantastic if you'd like conservatories that bring nature closer to your Bradford home. With one of these spaces, you'll get a central projection which extends towards your garden. From there, you can install sliding and bi-fold doors that open seamlessly, making your garden even more accessible.

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If you'd like to invest in conservatories for your Bradford home at lower prices, get in touch with Ultraframe today!

We create leading quality spaces at competitive prices, and our network of installers offers them around the UK. To find one in your area who can give you a comprehensive quote for a unique new conservatory today, use our Find An Installer tool.

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