Conservatory Jargon Buster

The definitive guide to common terms used in the design and installation of conservatories.

For over 20 years now Ultraframe has been the acknowledged market leader in the design and manufacture of conservatory roof systems. With over one million Ultraframe roofs already installed throughout the UK, the pedigree and quality offered by our roof systems is second to none. During this time Ultraframe have developed a widely recognised set of guidelines by which conservatory roofs are designed, specified, ordered and installed.

Ultraframe have complied this manual to explain and translate much of the jargon used in the conservatory industry. We have listed many of the commonplace words and terms used daily in connection with conservatory design and installation.

Each reference includes a list of possible alternative words (“also known as”), a full description of the product/component and a full colour picture, where appropriate, to illustrate its relevance.

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Also known as: See lantern style roof

Conservatories were originally built as greenhouses in which to cultivate tender, exotic species in conditions of warmth and humidity. Many citrus trees were cultivates (thus the name orangery) but before long, glasshouses became rooms in their own right, ideal for relaxation and entertainment in exotic surroundings. In the 19th Century improved iron and glass building techniques put conservatories within the reach of humbler folk