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Getting the Right Conservatory Design

It's important to weigh up all the practicalities when having a conservatory built.

In order to ensure you create the conservatory that is right for you-you need to be clear as to what's involved - including choosing the style of conservatory that's right for your home, whether planning is required prior to your conservatory installation along with all the other practicalities you'd expect to deal with when undertaking building work.

Your chosen Ultraframe Ultra Installer will answer any questions you have about the conservatory buying process and make sure that you choose the perfect conservatory for your home and family.

It's also important to understand that the roof is a pivotal component in any conservatory and in this section you can learn how important it is to ensure that your conservatory features a market leading Ultraframe roof.

Selecting a design for your conservatory is one of the most exciting parts of building an extension on to your property. With various styles to choose from, you can let your imagination run wild and indulge your interior design passions to come up with a unique look for your new conservatory.

Traditional and modern styles can both look great in a conservatory, so think about the look you want to achieve before putting pen to paper. Here are some great conservatory design ideas to get you started.

Vintage Country

One of the very best conservatory designs is a vintage country style, but it can be difficult to get just right. Vintage chairs can be teamed with almost anything, making this a style of conservatory where you can really use your own inspiration to achieve your desired theme. The flexibility of this conservatory style allows you to easily make your house a home, in a personal way.

The vintage country style of conservatory works best when the room is used for eating, so a dining table and chairs are a must. Modern trends such as upcycling allow you to get vintage items that have been given a new lease of life, a perfect option or a vintage conservatory. There also many vintage shops that specialise in items that exude a certain charm.


Floral designs look great all over the home but they are particularly suitable for the conservatory to provide a look that straddles indoors and outdoors. Artwork and soft furnishings can be utilised to achieve a floral theme, but you want to keep it subtle as it can be easy to go over the top with a style that is just too much to take in.

Getting a floral design just right allows you to bring an understated aesthetic to your conservatory that will shine with exotic colours in the summer and act as a comforting retreat during the colder winter months. The floral theme is best complemented with flat colours, adding a sense of definition across the living area.


Spring is perhaps the ideal time of year to spend time in a conservatory, so it is no surprise that a spring theme is so popular. Plenty of plants should be spaced around the conservatory to achieve that springtime feel, while green is the colour you need to be thinking about, without going too far. Lots of rustic woods can also be used to bring spring into your conservatory.

Door designs such as a sliding patio door allow you to increase your decoration options. This is made possible because they do not require a swing arc when they open, so you can place plant pots, lamps or other decorative items/furniture on either side of the door without having to worry about knocking them over when the door is opened.


If you want your conservatory to feel like a love room, the romantic style is the one to go for. Soft fabrics and comfy seating are a must here, with passionate reds the right sort of colours to be looking at to achieve this style. The romantic look is a tricky one to pull off, but getting it right means you have the perfect love den to cuddle up in with your partner.

Lighting is also important when you’re looking for a more romantic living space, with soft lighting, mood lighting and warm lamps standing as the perfect option. Candles are also a must, offering a warming light wherever they are placed. Many of our conservatories can be fitted with our internal pelmet, which can help you to capture the perfect atmosphere.


The modern classic, a minimalist design has become famous for its elegance and class. You can achieve this look in your conservatory by using flat, neutral colours and slim, subtle furniture options. Many of our conservatory can be fitted with integrated with glass panels so you can let the light in whilst still achieving a solid look.

This design is also perfect with slimline windows and doors, with aluminium being the material of choice for you to achieve this. Bi-fold doors allow you to benefit from a generous glazing area that brings a spacious and bright feel to your property, and when they are opened, offer you a seamless connection between your home and your garden.

Find Your Nearest Approved Ultra Installer

Not only will our conservatories offer you a beautiful place to utilise, they also offer you leading standards of quality and design. We pride ourselves on investing heavily into the research and development of our systems, ensuring they always stand at the forefront of design and performance so you won’t have to settle for anything less.

Find your nearest Approved Ultra Installer today to ensure you get a new addition to your home that excels in all areas, handled by professionals. We understand that sometimes a new home improvement solution can become a stressful and time consuming affair, which is why we only approve the very best in the industry.

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