Conservatory Repairs

Aside from problems with temperature regulation in older conservatories, there are a number of issues that can occur during the lifespan of your conservatory.

Sometimes exceptionally inclement weather can effect your conservatory. Maybe a tile fell from an adjacent pitched roof and damaged the conservatory? Maybe there is an ongoing leak that only appears in certain rain conditions when the wind blows in the opposite direction to the prevailing direction?

Due to its increased exposure to the elements, the conservatory roof and guttering can be susceptible to harsh weather conditions, for example high winds or an overload of snow, that can cause guttering to warp or crack, snapped brackets and leaks.

Some common conservatory roof issues requiring repairs can include:

  • Leaks from rot in a wooden roof ridge or slipped glazing panels
  • Cracked and misted or discoloured glazing panels
  • Blocked and leaking valley gutter
  • Leaks from distorted or poorly sealed roof vents
  • Leaks from poor flashing at house/conservatory interface
  • Leaks from jointed glazing panels and slipped or rotted glazing bar covers
  • Leaking gutter and downspout leading to rotting wooden window frames
  • Leaks from perished gaskets around the perimeter of glazing panels
  • Poorly fitted or missing end caps
  • Glazed roof panels slipping into guttering
  • Rot in the window or door sill and door stile
  • Weight of roof glazing pushing the top of the window outwards

If you are suffering from any of these, or any other issues with your conservatory and your original conservatory installer is unable to help, contact Ultraframe and we will endeavour to provide the assistance you need to rectify it.