Conservatory Repair

Conservatory Repairs

Aside from problems with temperature regulation in older conservatories, there are a number of issues that can occur during the lifespan of your conservatory.

Sometimes exceptionally inclement weather can affect your conservatory. Maybe a tile fell from an adjacent pitched roof and damaged the conservatory? Maybe there is an ongoing leak that only appears in certain rain conditions when the wind blows in the opposite direction to the prevailing direction?

Due to its increased exposure to the elements, the conservatory roof and guttering can be susceptible to harsh weather conditions, for example, high winds or an overload of snow, that can cause guttering to warp or crack, snapped brackets and leaks.

Some common conservatory roof issues requiring repairs can include:

  • Leaks from rot in a wooden roof ridge or slipped glazing panels
  • Cracked and misted or discoloured glazing panels
  • Blocked and leaking valley gutter
  • Leaks from distorted or poorly sealed roof vents
  • Leaks from poor flashing at house/conservatory interface
  • Leaks from jointed glazing panels and slipped or rotted glazing bar covers
  • Leaking gutter and downspout leading to rotting wooden window frames
  • Leaks from perished gaskets around the perimeter of glazing panels
  • Poorly fitted or missing end caps
  • Glazed roof panels slipping into guttering
  • Rot in the window or door sill and door stile
  • Weight of roof glazing pushing the top of the window outwards

Imagine this - you're sitting in your conservatory on a gorgeous summer day, sipping a nicely chilled glass of Chardonnay and working on a Sudoku, when you look up and - horror of horrors - you notice a dirty great crack across one of your conservatory roof panels. Talk about instantly dampening a lovely day.

Another problem that can happen is cracked conservatory roof panels, which will leave you thinking how did the crack in your conservatory roof get there? Perhaps a child next door whacked a cricket ball for six, and your conservatory was out for a duck as a result. Maybe a tile fell from your roof and cracked the panel on its way through to the ground.

How to Replace the Cracked Panel on Your Conservatory Roof

So, how do you go about replacing your cracked panel? The first thing to consider is that replacing or repairing a conservatory roof is not a job you can do yourself. Typically, a conservatory involves a great deal of glass, and working with glass is a job that is best left strictly to the professionals.

The first thing you should do is contact an approved Ultra Installer who specialises in conservatory repairs. Usually, they will come out and inspect your conservatory under no obligation, and advise you on what is required.

The whole conservatory roof may need replacing if it has been poorly constructed or installed. It will be more cost-effective to have the roof replaced as a whole, rather than repeated repairs being needed over the lifetime of your conservatory.

Your conservatory ought to be a light and airy room that is a pleasure to spend time in throughout the year. You can make sure it is kept that way by checking for problems on a regular basis and seeking help if you have a problem with your conservatory roof.

What Damage Can a Broken Panel in a Conservatory Roof Cause?

If one or more of the panels in your conservatory roof have slipped, a gap will have been created at the ridge of the roof that will allow for the ingress of water. This means rain will be able to get through that could penetrate the interior of your room.

The intrusion of rain – not to mention wind – will make your conservatory uncomfortable. Although an approved Ultra Installer should be able to find the cause of the leak in your conservatory roof, it may need to be dismantled as part of the process.

If your conservatory roof is extremely old – or wasn’t installed properly the first time around – you may want to think about replacing it. This option could be more cost-effective than repairing a roof that is structurally unsound and likely to fail again.

In the event that a replacement conservatory roof is required, you won’t have to start again. In fact, you could keep your existing windows and doors – so long as they can tolerate the weight the roof is likely to exert on them once it has been placed in situ.

An Ultraframe conservatory roof will have been structurally optimised to make it easy to fit and simple for your approved Ultra Installer to get planning permission for. If approved, your pre-fabricated roof could even be fitted within six hours of arriving on site.

What Replacement Conservatory Roof is Best?

There is no correct answer to this question. Our replacement conservatory roofs have been designed to cater to the varying needs of our customers – so we would need to know more about your design objectives in the first instance.

If your priorities are comfort and light, you’ll be able to find what you need when you take a closer look at our Livinroof or Ultraroof. How are these different to a conventional replacement conservatory roof? Let’s investigate.


Perfect for conservatories, orangeries or home extensions, this solid replacement conservatory roof allows for the introduction of glazed panels at specified points within its structure. You’ll be able to tell your chosen Ultra Installer exactly where you want the light to fall, resulting in a design that’s unique to you.



You can customise the Ultraroof, too. This solid roof can – like its counterpart, the Livinroof – permit the insertion of glass panels into its design. It’s also possible to ask for Velux windows instead, depending on what type of effect you want to achieve. Either way, you’ll let in lots light that will open your conservatory.

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