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Sealed units breaking down?


Once the seal has been broken on the glass unit the only credible long term solution is to change the unit.

But remember, if all your units are failing, upgrade to better high performance glass and improve winter/summer comfort.


Sealed units breaking customer testimonial

This is a replacement for a wickes timber frame conservatory erected about 25 years ago by myself, a DIY enthusiast.

Trevor Buck

The wood around the base had started to rot and 4 of the double glazed windows had lost their seal. Also the sliding gear on the door was on its last legs.

Only the roof and windows were replaced. It stands on exactly the same brick wall base without alteration to size. Together with its polished wood floor.

We are both very pleased with it and with Windowcraft, the company who erected it. To find my wife the first place i look is the conservatory.

Trevor Buck

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