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Slipped conservatory glazing panel

One of my glazing panels has slipped - how can this be rectified?Read more

Leak near finial point

I have a leak near to the finial point - what can be done?

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Conservatory too hot in summer

My conservatory is unbearably hot in summer - is there anything that Read more

Conservatory too cold in winter

My conservatory is unheated in winter - it's damp! What can I do Read more

Algae in roof glazing

There is algae growing in the flutes of my polycarbonate roof glazin Read more

Sealed units misted up

Some of my sealed units have misted up- what can be done?

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Use space more efficiently

I'd like to use my space more...can you offer advice?

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Need help to diagnose and fix problem

I know I have a problem, but would like help to diagnose and fix it. Read more

Increase current conservatory size

I'd like to make my current conservatory bigger - what options dRead more

Pros and cons of a conservatory

We just moved house and there is a conservatory

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Roof replacement

Is it possible to just replace my conservatory roof?

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Fitting blinds to existing conservatory

Can I fit blinds in my existing conservatory?

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Someone local to fix problem

How can I find someone local to fix my problems whom I can trust?Read more

Undertake site investigations

Do you undertake site investigations?

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Buying a house with existing conservatory

Buying a house with an existing conservatory?

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CC Question - Testing

Question - Testing

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