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How can I find someone local to fix my problems whom I can trust?


Avoiding the cowboys can be difficult. Members of the Ultra Installer scheme are vetted and checked by the British Board of Agrement (BBA) and work to a code of practice (click here to view)

They are dedicated to conservatories- please complete the form (click here) with as much detail as possible, to allow the Ultra Installer to assess your issues and make the right diagnosis.


Someone local to fix my problems customer testimonial

*I thought I would explain what happened, as we had one of your roofs fitted. We have had settlement issues with our conservatory which is about 6 years old. We contacted Direct Trade of Doncaster and they were great about it and agreed to re-build the conservatory with a stronger foundation. They also agreed to supply a new roof and recommended Ultraframe as the roof they would use. We have now had it fitted and decided to have a roof vent this time which is a extra you can supply.

Direct Trade of Doncaster have been great about the whole thing and I must say the roof is a great improvement on the previous one. *

Graham Baker

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