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My conservatory is unheated in winter - it's damp! What can I do


To help reduce this problem it will be necessary to introduce modest thermostat controlled heating to reduce winter time condensation.

Discuss this with your local Ultra Installer for more advice.


Damp, cold conservatory testimonial

*Our new conservatory is fantastic. We did have a small conservatory prior to the new one which was originally put on when the house was built about 20 years ago, & the previous owners had up dated it with double glazed windows etc.

Tina Vorely

The new conservatory is at least double the size of the old one as it spans the whole of the back of the house 16 foot wide. As the house was built with walls either side of the rear, we utilised them in the conservatory, with windows & doors on the front. All of it is new, part of the base is from the original conservatory, which was then levelled out with the new part of the flooring. We did include two radiators so that full use can be made during the winter months. We are lucky that our garden is South facing and gets much sun, so even on those cold winter days we should still get some natural warmth. We chose the glass roof for light, so that our living room which is at the back of the house did not loose any natural light, which has proved to be the right choice.*

Tina Vorley

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