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Conservatories York

At Ultraframe, we create conservatories in a wide range of styles for your York home. From classic designs to more modern ones, we're bound to have something for you. And, whatever choice you make, you can be sure that Ultraframe's conservatories will perform for your York home. That's because all of our designs use durable materials and innovative hardware.

With us, you can get a brand-new space that's warm throughout the year, secure to keep intruders out, and fully weatherproof. Also, that performance will last for decades, without regular maintenance. You'll even be able to customise the design of your new conservatory with unique styles, glazing, doors and roofing!

Conservatories in York
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Ultraframe doesn't only make conservatories for homes in York. If you'd like to expand your home another way, you can explore our range of orangeries and brick build extensions. But, if you'd like to brighten up your home with a brand-new space, then conservatories do it in style. Also, we have a wide range of conservatory styles available for your York home.

Conservatory Styles

Lean-to conservatories are an affordable option in York. Their sleek design has a flat roof, which means the whole build takes up less space. Additionally, there are fewer parts in the design, meaning lower prices and shorter installation times. You're more likely to be able to install these spaces without planning permission too, making lean-to builds a hassle-free choice.

The Victorian build is the UK's most popular design. With its classic features, though, it's easy to see why. You'll get a bay front, ornate windows and even the option of decorative roof cornices. And, across the design, you'll get advanced double glazing that helps you stay warm all year round. Because of this, our Victorian designs perfectly blend the old with the new.

Edwardian conservatories are similar to the Victorian style. However, they have a square shape, and their roof slopes upwards from the outer edge. As a result, you could benefit from more space in your new conservatory, giving you more ways to use it. With the option of new sliding and bi-fold doors, you could create an expansive social area that connects seamlessly to your garden.

Gable end conservatories are a grand design for your York home. They have a distinctive roof with a high pitch and triangular shape that stand out on any street. Not only that, but the roof provides more overhead space, letting more light inside your home. You can also customise your roof with the option of solid, tiled, skylight and roof lantern designs!

You could choose more expansive conservatories for your York home, though. If you feel you need more space, you could opt for a P-shaped design. These builds combine a Victorian and Lean-to design into one, with a unique P-shape. As a result, you can get a room you can use for multiple purposes, perhaps as a warm kitchen-diner or home office area.

If you enjoy your garden, you can also get conservatories that extend into it. Our T-shaped builds feature a central projection which extends outwards into your garden, making the transition between inside and outside seamless. And, with the option of doors with low-thresholds, you can make your home more accessible to wheelchair users and pram users too!

Conservatory Roofs in York


Conservatories can become even better with Ultraframe's range of roofing options. We stock market-leading designs across our range, like our unique Ultraroof and Livinroof options. These are solid roofs which have superb insulation and brilliant thermal performance. Also, our solid roofs are fully customisable, with the option of LED lighting and inbuilt speakers!


You can also get glass roofs for conservatories in York with us. However, unlike older builds, our designs use double glazing to let light inside while keeping cold air outside. The two panes of glass create a thermal barrier for your home, minimising the greenhouse effect and reducing glare. We also offer Ultrasky roofs for conservatories in York!


Ultraframe's roof lanterns can give any new space a centrepiece. These designs are vaulted glass skylights which extend up into the sky, providing stunning views of the world above you. You could choose a central lantern or multiple ones in one space, helping you achieve more precise lighting control. We also offer Ultrasky flat skylights for conservatories in York!


We also offer aluminium roofs for conservatories in York. As a precious metal, aluminium offers plenty of strength and durability. Thus, these roofs can outperform uPVC and perform to the same level of other leading designs. We offer Quantai aluminium roofs for conservatories in York that offer a sleek design, and are fully customisable for your home!


If you'd like to invest in brand-new conservatories for your York home, get in touch with Ultraframe today!

It takes minutes to find an installer near you who can expand your home in style. Search our site today for an approved Ultra Installer in your area. They'll offer a reliable, trustworthy fitting service that'll make sure you make good on your investment.

Alternatively, contact us today using our online form for further advice, or to explore our full range of conservatories for your York home!

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