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Ultraframe is proud to design stunning conservatories for your home in Swansea. We've been doing it for decades, and refining our builds at every step of the way. Working with us, you can create a space in a unique style, without having to compromise. That's because all our features can improve the performance of your home.

Older conservatories could lose or gain too much heat inside your Swansea home. Because of this, they could be difficult to use in both summer and winter, thanks to the greenhouse effect. That's why we've designed our spaces to be thermally efficient and fully weatherproof. Because of this, you'll get insulation and comfort that lasts every day.

With Ultraframe, you can also design conservatories you won't find anywhere else in Swansea. The reason is that all of our builds are customisable to suit your home. You can choose from a range of design collections, build styles and unique features for your space. That way, it'll suit your needs and your budget seamlessly.

Conservatories Swansea
Conservatories Swansea


With Ultraframe, it's simple and straightforward to create a unique space for your home. Our range of conservatories is packed with innovative designs and features. With our designs, you'll get a space you can use every day. And, with options like solid and tiled roofing, sliding and bi-fold doors and our three unique collections, you'll get the comfort you crave.

Our classic conservatories bring traditional charm to your Swansea home. However, they combine it seamlessly with the latest materials and features. You'll get advanced double glazing panels that don't give in to the greenhouse effect, meaning you'll stay in control of the room's temperature. Also, robust profiles ensure you get slim sightlines while keeping warm and secure.

The Performance range, on the other hand, cuts no corners when it comes to enhancing your living space. The design is fully weatherproof, meaning it won't weaken or crack in even the worst conditions. Because of this, it'll protect the security hardware in the glazing and doors, meaning you can protect what matters most in your new space.

Alternatively, you could choose conservatories that feel more connected to your home. We have a Conservatory Extension range, which uses more robust materials to give your new space a more room-like feel. As a result, these builds resemble an extension and perform like one too. However, you won't have to spend as much or install it for as long!


If you're thinking of investing in one of our conservatories for your Swansea home, there's plenty of options to pick. However, style is an essential one. Fortunately, we offer the UK's most popular conservatory styles at Ultraframe, as well as much more. That way, you'll be able to choose the precise shape, style and size that suits your space.

Lean-to conservatories help you expand your home in Swansea for less. That's because they're a smaller design that uses fewer parts, as well as a flat roof that leans into your property. However, it'll still feel spacious, thanks to stunning double glazing and slimline profiles across the design. Because of this, you'll get an excellent, modern new room for your home for less!

The Victorian design is the UK's most popular option. That's because it has a traditional, classic look. However, Ultraframe's designs blend that style with superb materials and technology. Because of this, you'll get an ornate roof that keeps your space warmer, as well as six or seven faceted windows with double glazing that improve insulation as well as lighting.

Alternatively, you could choose Edwardian conservatories if you want a classic space for your Swansea home. The difference between them and Victorian builds, though, is they have a square floorplan. Because of this, you get more space and better flexibility in how you use it. And, with customisable glazing, doors and roofing, you'll be even more spoilt for choice.

The gable-end conservatory brings space and light into your home with ease. That's because the design has a distinctive triangular roof that opens the room up to increased light. As a result, your space feels bright, airy and comfortable. Not only that, but you can customise the roof with double glazing, solid structures or lightweight tiles!

At Ultraframe, we know some homeowners want conservatories that add even more space to their Swansea homes. Because of this, we offer P-shaped designs. These builds combine a Victorian conservatory on one end and a Lean-to on the other, joining up in a P shape. As a result, you can use these rooms for more purposes, as well as two at once.

Open your home up to the outside world with terrific T-shaped conservatories. These designs use a central projection which extends outward into your garden. Not only that, but the rest of the design is expansive, allowing you to enjoy even more space in your Swansea home. And, with sliding or bifold doors, you can enter your garden with ease.




It's easy to get conservatories for your home in Swansea that stand out on any street when you choose Ultraframe.

Get in touch with us today, and we'll provide a comprehensive quote for a bespoke build from one of our trusted local installers.

Find your local installer today, and start the journey to transforming your home in Swansea in seconds!


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