Conservatories Shrewsbury

Conservatories Shrewsbury

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Conservatories Shrewsbury

At Ultraframe, we make conservatories that are a shrewd investment for Shrewsbury homes. That's because our designs will always keep you warm, always keep you safe and they'll keep you comfortable every day. Unlike older spaces, which could grow too hot or too cold, our spaces stay warm all year round. That way, you can use them with more comfort and for more purposes.

With Ultraframe, you'll also get more choice for conservatories in Shrewsbury. We offer a wide range of the UK's most popular styles, as well as unique glazing, doors and roofing options. All of our designs are customisable, meaning you can invest in bold colours and finishes to make your new room look perfect.

Conservatory Designs Shrewsbury
Conservatory Shrewsbury


We don't only offer conservatories in Shrewsbury. With Ultraframe, you can also invest in other designs. We offer a range of orangeries and brick-built extensions that help you expand your home with a stunning new room. However, if you'd like a bright, airy space that opens your home up, then our conservatories are both amazing and affordable options for your home.

Conservatory Styles

If you'd like a new conservatory that costs less, our lean-to design could be the solution. These builds have a flat roof, meaning they take up less space, and their sleek, modern design has fewer parts. As a result, these spaces are easy to install and less expensive to invest in. You might find they meet planning permission rules more easily as well.

Victorian conservatories are the most popular option for homes in Shrewsbury. That's because they have a look most people think of when they want one of these spaces. Their unique shape, faceted windows, and roof cornices have a classic appearance. However, we use thermally efficient materials to make these spaces warm all year round, making the old feel new.

Edwardian conservatories are similar designs to the Victorian build for your Shrewsbury home. However, they have a square floorplan, which means you could get more space. That way, you can get a build that's more flexible for your needs. You can customise it too, turning it into a home office, reading room, social space or kitchen-diner with ease.

Gable-end conservatories are a grand design for your Shrewsbury home. You'll notice their triangular roof straight away, with its high pitch towering over the whole space. Inside, though, you'll get a better feeling of space and light, thanks to the high roof. And, with the option of customisable solid roofs, tiled roofs and roof lanterns, you can style the ceiling to suit you!

If you want even more space, our P-shaped conservatories are a more expansive option for your Shrewsbury home. These builds combine a Victorian and Lean-to build into one, joining them in a unique P-shape. Because of this, it feels like you get two new rooms rather than one. That way, you have even more ways to customise how you use the space.

Finally, our T-shaped builds can help you open your home up to nature. With a central projection, the doors can extend into your garden, making it feel like more of a part of your home. You can also choose sliding and bi-fold doors for your conservatory that have full panels of glazing and open fully to reveal the world outside. With a low-threshold option, they could be wheelchair-accessible too.

Roofs For Conservatories in Shrewsbury

Solid Conservatory Roofs

At Ultraframe, we know that the roof of your build is more important than any other part. That's why we've developed a range of roofs that keep you warm, block out sound and protect you from the elements. Our Ultraroof and Livinroof solid roofs do all of that and then some. You'll get a highly durable roof that can help you save money on energy bills inside your space!

Glass Conservatory Roofs

You could go for a classic option, though, with our glass conservatory roof design. However, while these roofs may look older, they're not stuck in the past. We've developed our glass roofs with advanced double glazing, meaning you get two glass panes to keep your conservatory comfortable. That way, you'll reduce heat transfer, glare and the greenhouse effect.


Our range of roof lanterns gives conservatories in Shrewsbury a stunning centrepiece. A roof lantern is a vaulted glass skylight inside a solid roof, blending solid materials' strength with the sleekness of glazing. Because of this, you'll get brilliant views of the sky above you, and you can let light pour into your living space without feeling cold.

Aluminium Roofs

Finally, you can also invest in Quantai aluminium roofs for your conservatory with Ultraframe. Aluminium has superb strength, making this roof a highly secure option for your home. Not only that, but it can reduce the sound you hear outside, helping you enjoy your conservatory with fewer distractions. All of our roofs make your home a better place to live.

Conservatories in Shrewbury

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