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Conservatories Oxford

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Stunning conservatories for your home in Oxford

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Conservatories Oxford

At Ultraframe, we offer conservatories in Oxford that can expand your home with quality. Our designs use modern materials and innovative features to redefine what a conservatory can be. Unlike old spaces, which get too hot and too cold, our builds stay warm whenever you need them to be. Not only that, but they won't heat up too much in the summer, meaning you get lasting comfort. 

We stock a wide range of conservatory build styles and features, and all of our designs are fully customisable! That way, you'll be able to create the ideal space for your Oxford home. Also, we can help you improve your old space with our range of conservatory roofs. With Ultraframe the choice is yours!


Conservatory Styles Oxford
Conservatory Designs Oxford

Conservatories in Oxford

We offer a range of conservatories for your home in Oxford at Ultraframe. That's because we know no two homes are the same, so why should a new space be like to any other? With us, you can select from the UK's most popular styles, and customise them to suit you. We offer features like unique roofing, glazing, cornices, guttering, dwarf walls and even doors that are sure to stand out. No matter what you pick for your new space, you can be sure that they'll help it to perform. All of our designs meet stringent quality and performance standards, meaning they'll be able to make your home warm, secure and comfortable for years to come. Discover our range of conservatories for your home in Oxford today!

Our classic conservatories have a sleek, elegant design. However, they combine it with the latest technology to give you a space with a difference. You can benefit from bringing solid or tiled roofing, performance glazing and durable profiles to your Oxford home. And, with our range of customisable options, it'll be a bespoke build too.

Our performance conservatories help you enhance your Oxford home in several ways. You'll get a thermally efficient room that stays warm without you using your central heating, thanks to super-insulated columns. Additionally, the build will be fully weatherproof. These conservatories are five times more efficient than standard designs for your Oxford home!

If you want to expand your home more naturally, then why not consider our range of conservatory extensions for your Oxford home? They combine the brightness of one with the strength, security and insulation of the other, giving you the best of both worlds. You'll get high-performance glazing and walls that make your new space comfortable all year round.


At Ultraframe, we believe everybody should find conservatories that are perfect for their Oxford home. That's why we stop at nothing to make sure you can. We've crafted a broad, expansive range of designs, many of which are the UK's most popular build styles. As a result, you can install a new room that's ideal for any home, new or old. 

Not only that, but you can customise the design to tailor it even more to you and your family's needs. That way, you can design it around any purpose. You could create a new home office, reading room, lounge area or social space when guests come to call. All of our designs will stand out in how they look and how they feel for your home.

Conservatory Styles

Lean-to conservatories are a modern option for your Oxford home. They are not only an efficient and space-conscious design, but they're also affordable. The design uses a flat roof and fewer parts, making it ideal for smaller homes and meeting tough planning permission restrictions. But, with options like performance glazing and bi-fold doors, they'll feel as open as any other build.

Victorian conservatories are the most popular style for homes in Oxford. That's because they're a design classic, but we've updated them to make them more useful for the modern world. Your new space will have a stunning, pitched roof, expansive windows and a unique shape, making it feel open and welcoming. Additionally, natural light will pour into your new living space.

Edwardian builds are similar to Victorian ones, but they're a little more simple. You'll get a square floorplan, meaning you get more room and flexibility in how you use your new space. Not only that, but they are perfect for adding more solid structures to. You could invest in solid walls, a dwarf wall, or solid and tiled roofing to improve the look and feel of your new build.

Make a statement with gable-end conservatories for your Oxford home. The gable design has a distinctive roof which has a high pitch and a triangular shape. Because of this, you get loads of space over your head, making your new room feel bright and airy. And, with fully customisable roofing including partial glazing and roof lanterns, you'll always feel connected to nature.

If you'd like a bigger space for your Oxford home, Ultraframe can help. That's because we can create expansive designs that are bespoke to your needs. For example, our P-shaped builds put a Lean-to and Victorian conservatory together. That way, you get two unique spaces in one, meaning you could use your new space in multiple ways.

Alternatively, our T-shaped conservatories can open your Oxford home up to nature with ease. They have a central projection which extends outwards, meaning it could lead directly into your garden. We offer superb sliding and bi-fold doors with low-thresholds too, and they disappear when they open. That way, you can make the outside world far more accessible.


With Ultraframe, you can get unique conservatories for your Oxford home at competitive prices. Explore our full range today, and find out how much you could save on expanding your home in style.

Our network of approved Ultra installers can give you a brilliant low quote today. As they're trusted, local installers, you'll be able to spend less money and time on getting your new space. Just use our Find An Installer function to talk to the one that's nearest to you!

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