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Stunning Conservatories and Replacement Conservatory Roofs in Newcastle

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A conservatory is the perfect way to extend the space in your Newcastle home. Here at Ultraframe, we want you to make the best home improvement decision for your property. We understand the importance of meeting the needs of both you and your property and met perfectly. 

If you are looking to install a new conservatory in your Newcastle home, there is a wide range of well loved styles available. From traditional Victorian styles to modern T-Shaped designs, you are sure to find the shape that fits with your home perfectly. We also have a fantastic range of conservatory roof options that can be added to any conservatory design. By choosing a glazed extension, you will add style and extra insulation to your home. 

We have set out a guide below to help you make the best informed decision on this lifelong investment. Here at Ultraframe, we offer a vast number of options and hope that this handy guide will help you on your home improvement journey. 


conservatory newcastle
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There are a few different extension options you might consider when choosing your glazed extension. As well as a number of different conservatory styles and shapes, we also design orangeries and brick build extensions.

Conservatories are the perfect way to fill your home with natural light in an enclosed yet bright and airy space. They remain the most popular extension option due to their design flexibility and stunning appearance. 

Orangeries and house extensions are fantastic options if you are looking for an extension with large brick built areas or added privacy.  


The Lean To conservatory style is the most popular style among homeowners in Newcastle. This is because it exhibits a clean, modern aesthetic that blends perfectly with most properties while remaining very cost effective. It is characterised by its rectangular shape and the way the design ‘leans to’ your home. 

The Victorian conservatory style is characterised by its rounded appearance and ornate roof, influenced architecture of the Victorian era. Add some period chic to your home with this well regarded conservatory design without compromising on performance. 

An Edwardian conservatory (also known as Georgian) offers a similarly pitched roof to that of a Victorian style conservatory. However, it is a square or rectangular shape with a roof that slopes upwards from the outer edge. This exhibits a classic appearance and is a stunning choice for Newcastle homeowners.

The Gable End conservatory design will enhance the appearance of your Newcastle property with the grand and elegant aesthetic it exudes. It is a rectangular shaped conservatory style with the front end upright and the other sides sloped.

A P-Shaped conservatory looks a bit like the letter ‘P’ in the sense that it combines the elements of a Victorian and Lean To conservatory into a similar shape. This is perfect for homeowners looking for the best of the two designs.

The T-Shaped conservatory style is a design that works best with larger properties. This style features a central projection and can be tailored to your home. It can be Victorian, Gable or Georgian and allows you to create two distinct living spaces within one room. 

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Solid Conservatory Roofs

If you want your conservatory roof to provide a layer of privacy and high thermal performance, a solid roofing option may be the perfect choice. 

Our Ultraroof system is a tiled conservatory roof that is both lightweight yet high performance. It looks fantastic and is simple to install on any conservatory style. It is the lightest but strong roof available on the market and can even be installed on existing conservatory foundations. 

The Livinroof deliver a bright and airy space throughout the year that gives you added privacy while letting in plenty of natural light. You will get the best of both glass and solid roof options with this stunning choice. 




A glass conservatory roof delivers the exceptional aesthetic that conservatory owners have loved for many years. Flood your room with light without compromising on insulation. 

Our Classic Roof follows in the footsteps of traditional roofing designs that make the most of the glazed area available. Choose from a number of glass specification and sizes to suit the needs of your home and enjoy your space throughout the year. 

For something a little different, the Ultrasky Roof offers Newcastle homeowners a stunning lantern-like roofing option that will modernise the appearance of your conservatory. Its rigid design requires fewer bars making the most of the glazed area and enhancing the light in your space. 



Roof Lanterns

A roof lantern is an elegant and modern alternative conservatory roof that is traditionally installed on orangeries. 

We are proud to deliver the Ultrasky Lantern that boasts slim bars and a large glazed area. It is installed on a flat roof, and more than one lantern can sit side by side for an elegant yet modern effect. 

The Ultrasky Flat Skylight is an alternative design that will offer your glazed extension a completely frameless and uninterrupted view of above. The edge to edge design will maximise the light in your home. 



Aluminium Roofs

Aluminium roofs are well regarded for the superior performance they deliver. They are strong, stylish and sleek alternatives to their uPVC counterparts. 

Our Quantal aluminium conservatory roofs can be completely customised to suit your home and will deliver a modern aesthetic. Enjoy outstanding performance in all areas with this unique, upmarket design choice.


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Conservatories in Newcastle

Once you have come to a decision about the conservatory style or conservatory roof that suits you best, you can begin taking the first steps in your home improvement journey. 

We are proud to work with a network of approved Ultra Installers that know our designs through and through. You can find out more about why an Ultra Installer is better for your home by visiting our Ultra Installer section.

We hope you have found this guide helpful. Making a large investment such as this in your home can be overwhelming. Please feel free to contact us for more information or advice on our full range of conservatory options. 


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