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At Ultraframe, we've spent decades refining our conservatories for homes in Middlesbrough. Due to this, getting a new space for your home with us is sure to be a great investment. With our expert team, you'll get more choices for your brand new room. We offer a range of unique collections, build styles and bespoke features to add to your new space.

Not only that, but our builds have terrific performance. While older designs can get too hot and cold depending on the weather outside, our conservatories help you stay in control of your home's climate. That means you can keep warm in winter and stay cool in summer, helping you stay comfortable while cutting the cost of your energy bills.

With our wide range, you won't have to relocate to find more space. Instead, you can create an ideal room to suit any purpose right where you are. As well as this, they are also fully customisable, with the option of unique glazing, doors and roofing. That way, you could make your space more accessible, secure and comfortable.

Conservatories Middlesbrough
Conservatories Middlesbrough


Choose a style that suits your space. With our broad range of designs and features, you can make your renovation project truly yours. No matter the features you add, you can make them look brilliant as well. That's because we offer stunning colours and finishes across all of our design collections.

Our classic conservatories are a charming addition to any property. They offer traditional style, suiting period homes and adding a sense of class to modern builds. However, we blend these features with premium grade materials. You'll get advanced double glazing and robust profiles to improve your space's insulation. 

However, you could also choose a conservatory from our Performance range. These designs don't cut any corners when it comes to enhancing your home. You'll get a space that's fully weatherproof and highly durable, meaning it'll last for decades without damage. And, with security hardware across the design, you'll keep what matters most safe too.

You might be considering an extension. However, with Ultraframe's Conservatory Extension range, think again. This range offers a room like feel that blends solid materials with stunning double glazing for your home. That way, you get a room that opens up to nature without exposing you to it. The installation also costs less than a traditional extension too!


At Ultraframe, we're all about providing choice. That's why, when you get conservatories from us, you can pick from a range of the UK's most popular styles for your Middlesbrough home. Because of this, you can add a room to your home that suits it seamlessly with ease. Whether it's traditional or modern, your new space will be ideal for your home, with full customisation available!

Our Lean To style is an amazing option if you want to expand your home while paying a lower cost. The Lean To designs have fewer parts, a flatter roof and are easy to install, making them cost effective. That way, you can extend your home for less and in record timing too!

The Victorian style adds a classic aesthetic to any house. It uses an ornate, pitched roof and has six or seven faceted windows to achieve a heritage chic. However, we've brought this classic design firmly into the future. With our high spec double glazing, we improve the space's energy efficiency and ensure that you and your household bills remain comfortable. 

You could also choose the Edwardian style if you'd like a newly extended room with a traditional appearance. However, these designs use a sleeker, more streamlined square floor plan. Because of this, you can use one of these spaces for more purposes, and it's fully customisable too. You could add decorative roof cornices to conceal guttering and get a classic look.

The Gable end style is a spacious, bright and airy installation. That's because it has a distinctive triangular roof with a high pitch, increasing the amount of room you get in your new space. As a result, the gable build is full of natural light and warmth. Not only that, but you can customise the materials in the roof, with double glazing and lightweight tiles available.

We offer conservatories that can expand your home with even more space. For example, you could select a unique P-shaped build for your home. This build combines the Victorian and Lean to styles in a P shape, giving you two rooms in one. That way, you can use it for a range of purposes, such as a lounge, kitchen diner or home office.

T shaped conservatories are another expansive design for your property. However, with a central projection, these builds are brilliant for opening out to the outside world. The centre of the build extends into your garden, making going outside effortless. And, with sliding and bifold doors available, you can do it in even more style.



Invest in Ultraframe's unique conservatories for your home in Middlesbrough, and find out how much they can transform it today.

You can get a comprehensive quote from one of our trusted local installers in minutes. That way, you'll benefit from shorter wait times and more personalised service from a qualified fitting team in your area. You could also benefit from lower prices by choosing local companies.

Find your local installer, and benefit from our conservatories today!

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