Conservatories Manchester

Conservatories, home extensions and tiled replacement conservatory roofs in Manchester.

If you’re looking to add conservatory or extension to your home or if you’re looking for Manchester replacement conservatory roofs, then this is the guide for you. We will aim to answer all of your queries about Manchester home extensions, provide inspiration and ideas about styles of conservatories popular in Manchester, and also offer advice about replacing an old conservatory roof with a new tiled replacement roof. No matter how you choose to extend your home, there is an Ultraframe roof to provide the solution.

Conservatories Manchester

Conservatory vs Extension in Manchester?

If you’re looking to add extra living space to your home, the first big decision to make is whether to opt for a conservatory or extension. Extensions in Manchester are very popular these days as they offer a year-round living space which can be enjoyed whatever the weather, and will also add value to your home improvement project in Manchester.

Things to consider when thinking about adding a home extension in Manchester are: what do you want to use the room for, Planning Permission/Building Regulations for Manchester extensions and the type of roof you will have. An extension is usually typified by the fact that there are no locking doors between the new living space and your existing home. It is also generally agreed that an extension is defined by the roof being solid – possibly with some glazed areas – but not all glazed as with a conservatory.

A conservatory in Manchester is a different option in that the roof will be largely glazed as opposed to largely solid.  You may have to consider the often-cool climate of Manchester when considering a conservatory to ensure that you choose a specification of the conservatory that will ensure it is warm enough during the colder months of the year.

Manchester home extension ideas and inspiration

If you’ve decided to opt for a home extension in Manchester, you’ve made a great choice and there are now lots of exciting decisions to make about your home improvement project. The first thing to think about is which room of your home your extension will come off and what the new space will be used as. Many home extensions are used as open plan kitchen/living/dining spaces, allowing your family to live, eat and entertain all together in the one large space.

In terms of roof choices for an extension there are various options:

  1. Flat roof with flat skylight's
  2. Flat roof with lantern skylight's
  3. Pitched tiled roof
  4. Pitched tiled roof with glazed panels or Velux type windows
  5. Lean-to roof with glazed panels

It’s important when planning an extension in Manchester to think about the overall look you want and this may help you to decide on the roof type. Flat roofs are a very contemporary option and the addition of flat or lantern skylights not only provides a sense of drama but also ensures that your home is flooded with plenty of natural light. Pitched roofs will make your new extension feel even bigger but are not always possible due to planning permission requirements – your local Building Control office will be able to advise you further on this.

No matter what type of extension roof you choose for your extension in Manchester, there is an Ultraframe tiled or solid roofing system that can make your home extension dreams a reality.

Extension Manchester

Styles of Home Extension

Once you’ve decided to add an extension to your home, you need to choose the style. Lean-to, square and l-shape are all popular styles of Manchester home extension. The Ultraframe extension roofing systems can be used to create all of these styles of home extension.

Conservatory Options

If you’ve decided to extend your home with the addition of a conservatory, there are also lots of options here. When choosing a conservatory in Manchester, it is more usual to start with the style.

Choose from modern angular styles such as Georgian or Gable, add some soft curves with a Victorian or get the best of both worlds with a P-shaped conservatory.

It is crucial when choosing a conservatory in Manchester to think about the often-cool climate and ensure that the glazing in the roof of your new Manchester conservatory is highly energy-efficient so that your conservatory will be a comfortable temperature, whatever the weather.

Replacement Conservatory Roof Manchester

If you already have a conservatory which is old or tired and you’re looking to make it more contemporary and energy-efficient, then replacing your conservatory roof in Manchester with a new, highly energy-efficient tiled roofing system is a perfect solution.

Ultraframe’s Ultraroof system is the most energy-efficient tiled solid roof on the market and so is ideal for the climate of Manchester. Ultraroof is also the fastest tiled replacement roof to fit, meaning your Manchester replacement roof can be completed much quicker if you choose Ultraroof over other tiled roof systems in Manchester.

By replacing the roof on your old conservatory, you will gain a beautiful new living space that will feel much more like an extension and a real part of your home.

The process of replacing a conservatory roof in Manchester is quick and hassle-free – meaning that it will be a matter of days before you go from a tired old conservatory to a stunning, thermally efficient new tiled extension in Manchester.

We hope that this guide has helped answer some of the common queries that homeowners in Manchester have about extending their home with a conservatory or extension, or upgrading their existing conservatory with a new thermally efficient tiled solid roof.

Don’t forget that after you have made all of these important decisions, getting the right installer to carry out the work is crucial. The best route to quality workmanship and total peace of mind is to choose an Ultraframe Ultra Installer. All our Ultra Installers go through a rigorous accreditation process to be able to call themselves Ultra Installers – meaning that you can enjoy the process of your home improvement project, knowing you will get a fantastic new living space to enjoy for many years to come.

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Conservatory or Extension Checklist

Now that you’ve read this guide about extending your home with either a conservatory or extension, make a checklist to get your home improvement project off to the best start. Things to add to your list are:

  • Choose between a conservatory or extension
  • Choose your style of a conservatory extension
  • Choose the roof – will it be glazed, solid or a mix of both?
  • Find your local Ultra Installer to carry out a survey and offer practical advice and tips about the ideas you have
  • Appoint your local Ultra Installer to carry out the work
  • Enjoy your new conservatory or extension!
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