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Are you looking to refurbish your existing conservatory or install an entirely new unit to you home in Liverpool? Here at Ultraframe, we can help you to make the right decision to suit you and the needs of your property. Finding out which option is best for you can be a big task and our experts are on hand to take the stress out of the entire process.

Whether you are looking for a traditional conservatory to enhance your period home or a tiled conservatory roof replacement to add some extra love and insulation to your existing conservatory, we have styles and solutions to suit any homeowner in Liverpool. Our team can guide you through your initial quote to the finishing touches. We have set out a fantastic guide so that you can weigh up all your options.

Choosing to invest in a conservatory for your home in Liverpool is a fantastic was to add stylish extra living space to your property. There are so many options and styles to choose from that it may feel overwhelming. We are here to help. Here at Ultraframe, we offer some fantastic bespoke conservatory options to suit all homeowners. We also have a fantastic selection of roof replacement options, including tiled conservatory roof replacements. Whatever it is that you are looking for, we can give you a breakdown on each. 
Conservatory Prices


If you are looking for a conservatory to match the architecture and character of your home in Liverpool, we have an abundance of design options to suit any homeowners. There are many classic design options to choose from, including the Lean To conservatory, which continues to be popular among homeowners. A more traditional home would benefit from an elegant Gable End or rounded Victorian conservatory, both of which incorporate regal design features contributing to their stunning heritage charm. We offer three different design options: Classic, Designer and Performance. Each option benefits from an exceptional range of performance and style features that will contribute to creating the conservatory you desire.

Conservatories allow in far more natural light than a traditional brick built extension due to the largely double glazed area that dominates the whole unit. When paired with a glass roof, this can create a huge influx of natural light during the day. Opt for a tiled conservatory roof for added privacy and protection from the sun on hot days. Our Performance conservatory features super-insulated columns. This makes them five times better than brick columns in maintaining thermal efficiency. Enjoy an extension that is both bright and warm. 

All houses are built differently. Therefore we build our conservatories differently, too. If you are looking for a design that is truly bespoke to you and your requirements, you can enjoy a conservatory from Ultraframe. We offer a variety of designs, colours and finishes to match your requirements perfectly. If you choose a Designer conservatory, you can experience added style and shape on the outside and a room like feel on the inside. You can choose from a range of cornices and indoor design features, such as house lights, to create a stunning tailored space. 

The Classic conservatory retains the same innovative design features as our other styles without compromising on style. There is a fantastic range of optional extras to suit any budget for homeowners in Liverpool. A conservatory is a wonderful investment if you are looking for some extra space without the hefty price tag that a traditional house extension carries. Enjoy extra space, lower costs and a generous 10 year guarantee on every conservatory from Ultraframe. 

Tiled Replacement Roof


Tiled Replacement Conservatory Roof

A tiled conservatory roof is a great option if you are looking to replace the existing roof of your conservatory in Liverpool. Much of the time, the foundations of an older conservatory are still very much intact, and therefore the entire unit likely does not need to be replaced. A tiled conservatory roof could make all the difference.

The Ultraroof is an innovative design that offers a lightweight tiled roof solution for your conservatory. It blends modern technology and stunning style to create an elegant finish that blends beautifully with your home.

The lightweight design enables shorter and quicker renovations as installations are easier to carry out. Paired with unbelievable thermal efficiency and stunning roof lantern options, tiled roofs are perfect for any conservatory in need of some love. All our Ultraframe conservatory options can incorporate an Ultraroof.

Glass Conservatory Roof

Many conservatories in Liverpool feature glazed roofs as standard. If you are looking to replace your conservatory roof with a similar style replacement, a glass roof may be the perfect choice for you. This timeless design option is an elegant way of enhancing your conservatory’s performance without compromising on your well loved foundations. 

Fill your space with spectacular natural daylight and draw extra light into your adjacent rooms for a beautifully lit home. Whether you are looking to replace an existing conservatory roof or looking for your Ultraframe conservatory roofing option, a glass roof is a solid choice.

Our Ultrasky range integrates advanced glass with fantastic insulation features. Whatever style of conservatory you own, be it an Edwardian or P-Shaped conservatory, the Ultrasky will keep your space warm and cosy in the winter months so you can enjoy your space throughout the year. 

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Once you have decided the style that works for you best, you then have the freedom to explore the bespoke design features that suit you and your needs best. You can select from a wide range of stunning colours for your conservatory in Liverpool. We offer a beautiful woodgrain effect for your double glazed frames to pair perfectly with your property. You can also choose from some muted tones such as grey and white if that suits your style better. 
If you are looking to replace your conservatory roof, there are boundless customisation options to suit your Liverpool home perfectly. The Ultraroof tiling system can be customised with three different colour options as well as the All Tile option which emulates the same tiles as your existing roof. Choose to install an extended soffit to create the ideal space to add exterior lights to enhance your garden area. Enjoy a well lit outdoor area on warm summer nights to make the most of the indoor and outdoor space you have. 
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Conservatories and Tiled Roof Replacements in Liverpool

To enjoy total peace of mind when you add a conservatory to your home, look for an Ultra Installer. They know our glass extensions like the back of their hand and therefore are the best people for the job.

Find out more about why an Ultra Installer is the best fit for you by visiting the Ultra Installer section here. You can look for an expert near you in Liverpool. 

If you are looking for a tiled conservatory roof or replacement roof, you will need to ensure you have a reputable installer who understands our roofing systems through and through. You local Ultra Installer will be the perfect candidate for the job. They will provide you with fantastic service and expert installation. 

If you need more inspiration, take a look at our gallery or contact us today. We will be happy to answer any question you may have about your creative build.


Take a look through our fabulous range for some inspiration.

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