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If you are looking to extend your Ipswich home, we here at Ultraframe have a selection of solutions for you to consider. Made from premium-grade materials, our conservatories meet and exceed the highest standards. They outperform competitor profiles on the market in every area! This is because we use careful planning and design to create conservatories that offer both style and performance.


At Ultraframe, we have a range of different styles available. Whether your home is modern or traditional, we are sure to have something that will meet your needs. From the traditional Victorian design to the modern Lean To, we have something for everyone. We also offer a range of conservatory roofs. Whether you need a roof for your new build or a replacement roof for a poor performing structure, we have plenty of options available. 


Our guide below has been designed to offer you the information and advice needed to make the right decisions for your needs. Let us help you on your home improvement journey.



Livinroof conservatory extension


As well as offering conservatories, we also have a few other extension styles that you may like to consider. This includes brick build extensions and orangeries. 


Conservatories are a cost efficient solution for needing additional space, adding light and style to your home. They are popular with homeowners across the UK thanks to the variety of different designs and styles available.


Orangeries offer the perfect middle ground between a conservatory and an extension. Containing more brickwork, they offer greater control over performance. If you are looking for a true extension, you may like to consider our brick build extensions. 


Affordable to all, the Lean To conservatory offers modern, sleek and refined style. Highly customisable, this design can be suited to all homes. Add a versatile room to your property that meets the needs of your family.

The Victorian conservatory is one of the most popular styles to exist to this day. Extremely traditional, this design is distinguishable by its rounded appearance and ornate roof. Add period style to your Ipswich home without compromising on style.


Also known as the Georgian, Edwardian conservatories are a versatile addition to any home. Featuring a pitched roof similar to Victorian conservatories, this design differs due to a rectangular floor plan. This allows for easy furnishing.

Gable End conservatories are modern yet elegant. Thanks to their simplicity and style, they can be installed to any style of Ipswich home, adding curb appeal. Featuring a rectangular floor plant and high pitched ceiling, this conservatory offers a large, airy space. 

Named P-shaped as it is shaped like the letter P, this conservatory design combines the best elements of Victorian and Lean To styles. If you are stuck between the two and want a larger installation, this design is perfect for you.

Ideal for large properties with plenty of space to extend into, the T-Shaped conservatory features a central projection. Highly customisable, this design can be made alike to Victorian, Gable or Georgian styles, creating two living spaces within one room.

Conservatory Designs Gallery


Solid Conservatory Roofs

For a conservatory roof that offers the highest levels of privacy, thermal control and general performance, our solid roof options are ideal. 


The Ultraroof is a tiled conservatory roof that is lightweight yet durable. The carefully designed tiled will allow your conservatory to appear more like a natural extension of your home. Extremely strong but very light, the Ultraroof can be installed on existing conservatory foundations. With this, it can completely transform a space.


If a tiled roof isn’t for you, we also offer the Livinroof. Featuring the best of both a solid and glass roof, the Livinroof gives you complete control over privacy and internal temperature while still letting in plenty of natural light.





Loved by many across the country for many years now, glass conservatory roofs are a timeless classic. Our classic roof contains this same much-loved style, with modern performance benefits. A large glazed area allows for maximum light inflow, making your home feel bigger and brighter. With several glass specifications and sizes available, we are sure to have something for everyone.


If you are looking for something a little different, our Ultrasky Roof may be the perfect solution. Still featuring panels of double glazing, this profile features a lantern-like design. The resulting product is elegant, modern and unique, suiting both contemporary and conventional Ipswich homes.




Roof Lanterns

Roof lanterns offer an alternative conservatory roof installation. Traditionally used within orangery designs, they offer timeless elegance with a modern twist. We offer our customers in Ipswich the Ultrasky Lantern, boasting slim bars and vast panels of glazing. 


Our roof lanterns can be installed to any structure with a flat roof. For a unique and modern effect, more than one lantern can be installed side by side. Enjoy uninterrupted views of blue skies and stars, maximising the amount of natural daytime light in your home.




Aluminium Roofs

Our Quantal aluminium roofs offer superior performance and durability when compared to their uPVC counterparts. Sleek and stylish, they are sure to suit all styles of Ipswich property.


Highly customisable, these roofs can be altered to better match your home. Enjoy a premium product that will offer improved style, efficiency and weather resistance.



Replacement Conservatory Roofs Gallery

Conservatories In Ipswich

If you have decided which conservatory or roof best suits the needs of your Ipswich property, it is time to take the next steps towards installation.


Our network of approved Ultra installers can be used to find a trusted local installer near you. Each installer within this network is highly trained and knows our products through and through. With this, you are almost guaranteed a quick and efficient installation. Get a free quote for our incredible products by using our find an installer tool.


We hope that we have helped you better understand our product range so that you can make a decision that is best for you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Our friendly team would be more than happy to help where possible.




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