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Stunning Conservatories and Replacement Conservatory Roofs in Dumfries

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If you are looking to add extra space to your Dumfries home, our conservatories are an ideal solution. Whether you are looking for a new kitchen, home office, playroom or living room, our range of extensions can be tailored to meet your every need. We understand the importance of a new conservatory being right for you. 


With a wide range of designs available, from the classic Victorian to the modern Lean To, we here at Ultraframe have a conservatory for everyone. Whether your home is modern or conventional, we are sure that we will have a design that suits the style of your Dumfries home.


We also offer a range of conservatory roofs. With tiled, solid and glass to pick from, we have a broad range that can be installed to both new build conservatories and existing foundations. This makes them perfect for adding modern functionality benefits to an outdated structure. 


This guide has been designed to help our valued customers better understand our full product range. With this, we hope that you can make an informed decision on which home improvement you would like for your next renovation project. 



Livinroof conservatory extension


As well as offering premium conservatories, we also offer a few other extension options that you may like to consider for your Dumfries home. While conservatories are an affordable option to all, adding space and natural light to your property, orangeries are becoming increasingly popular. Containing a higher proportion of brickwork, our orangeries make for a thermally efficient and highly elegant installation.


We also offer single storey house extensions. These extensions are perfect for those looking for a bespoke expansion option, adding privacy, efficiency and style.


Favoured by many for its modern style, the Lean To is extremely popular with homeowners in Dumfries and the surrounding areas. Easily installed in only a short matter of time, this design is highly cost efficient. Its versatility means it can be tailored to meet any needs and can be installed into small spaces.

Featuring a rounded appearance and ornate roof, the Victorian is most commonly installed to homes across the UK. Loved by many for decades, this design has become the personified image of a conservatory. If you are looking to add period chic to your home, this is the design for you.

Also known as the Georgian, the Edwardian features an ornate pitched room similar to the Victorian. Featuring traditional aesthetics, this design is ideal for those looking to add period grace to their home. A rectangular floorplan allows for easy furnishing, making this design suitable for a variety of uses.

Make a grand addition to your Dumfries home with our Gable design. Featuring a high pitched roof, the Gable features beautiful high ceilings and an upright front. Although very modern, this design is also versatile and can be tweaked to meet your needs, suiting all properties.

Shaped like the letter P, the P-Shaped design features the best elements of both a Victorian and Lean To installation. It is perfect for homeowners with plenty of space to expand into and makes for great entertaining and relaxing space.

Ideal for larger properties in Dumfries, the T-shaped features a central projection. With this, it makes for a grand expansion solution. Tailored to your home, this design can be made Victorian, Gable or Georgian.

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Solid Conservatory Roofs

Solid roofs offer the highest levels of privacy, thermal control and shading. With two options available, we hope we have the roof you are looking for.


Our Ultraroof system is a tiled roof. Made using modern materials, this roof is lightweight yet strong. With plenty of tiling options available, we can match your new roof to any existing tiling on your Dumfries home. 


If a tiled roof isn’t what you are after, we also offer the Livinroof. This system uses portions of solid and glazed roofing for a bespoke solid conservatory roof. Customise your new addition to your needs.




Whether you are looking for something modern or traditional, we are sure our Classic Roof or Ultrasky Roof will meet your needs!


Following the lead of traditional glazed installations, our Classic Roof features the same much-loved style with modern performance benefits. Gone are the days where a glazed roof results in temperature extremes! Enjoy increased natural lighting and a consistent temperature all year round.


If you are looking for something a little different, our Ultrasky Roof may be what you are after. Designed to appear similar to a roof lantern, this roof features solid bars and panels of glazing.




Roof Lanterns

Traditionally installed to orangeries, we now offer roof lanterns to our Dumfries customers. 


The Ultrasky Lantern is a beautiful installation, boasting slim bars and large glazed areas. When installed to a flat roof it increases the ceiling height and allows for an inflow of natural light. 


Ultrasky Flat Skylights are an alternative to roof lanterns. Featuring an edge-to-edge design, you can maximise the amount of natural light within your home. Experience all year round views of the sky above.




Aluminium Roofs

If uPVC isn’t what you are after, you may enjoy our aluminium roofs. Thanks to aluminium being naturally available in abundance, these roofs a green home improvement solution. Strong, sleek and stylish, aluminium roofs are a superior product.


Our Quantal aluminium conservatory roofs are highly customisable, ensuring that we have something for all our customers. Enjoy modern aesthetics and top performance.



Replacement Conservatory Roofs Gallery

Conservatories In Dumfries

We hope that this guide has been helpful and guided you in your decision-making process on which of our products are best suited to your property. If you feel as though you have any questions you would like to ask, please do not hesitate to call us. 


If you are ready to take the next steps in your home renovation project, please click the button below to use our find an installer tool and get a free quote. This tool has been designed to help you find a conservatory installer near you from our network of approved Ultra Installers.



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