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At Ultraframe, we create conservatories that can transform your home in Cardiff. Our designs put away the old stories about these spaces being difficult to use. That's because our builds use modern materials and clever design, giving you a brand-new space that you'll love. 

We offer a wide range of build styles and features, meaning you can create a warm new space that suits your specifications. With a modern conservatory, you'll get double glazing across the design and durable frames. That means you'll let plenty of natural light into your home, and you'll stay warm whatever the weather as well.

 You'll also be able to fill your new space with features that give you more ways to use your home. If you have a garden, you can make it more accessible by fitting our sliding or bi-fold door options. We also offer a range of period-accurate accessories, like roof cornices, so you can get a space that suits a home of any age. 

And, if you have a conservatory you'd rather not replace, we can help with that too. Explore our range of conservatory roofs today, and find out why our range is the market-leader for homes in Cardiff.

We also offer an amazing range of orangeries, house extensions and Garden Rooms.

Conservatories Cardiff
Conservatory Styles Cardiff


We have a range of conservatories for you to explore for your Cardiff home. With our vast array of build styles, features and accessories, you'll have no problem creating a unique space. We know no two homes in Cardiff are ever the same, so that's why you can design a unique build from the ground up with us. We've crafted our range to meet the highest performance standards, meaning your new space will stay warm, secure and comfortable for years to come. At Ultraframe, we have three distinct styles of conservatories for your home in Cardiff.

Our classic conservatories take the latest technology and bring it to your Cardiff home. In one of these designs, you'll be able to choose from solid roofing and performance glazing that gives you a space with a difference. Not only that, but you can take advantage of our full range of options to create a bespoke build.

Our performance conservatories put your comfort first for your Cardiff home. Your build will be fully weatherproof, protecting you from the worst weather. These designs also use our super insulated columns, which means your build will be five times more energy efficient than regular conservatories in Cardiff.


Alternatively, you might want to extend your home with a more solid space. If you do, then our conservatory extensions are ideal for you. These designs combine the best bits of an extension with a conservatory. As a result, you'll get high-performance glazing and walls, and solid structures that extend your home seamlessly.


With Ultraframe, you won't have to settle for a space that's less than perfect. Our conservatories come in a wide range of styles so you can get the ideal room for your Cardiff home. We offer the UK's most popular designs, meaning you can get a space that's traditional, modern or does both in style. 

When you work with us, you can customise your new conservatory to suit your Cardiff home. Our range of build styles has traditional and modern options, as well as more expansive spaces too.

Lean-to conservatories are an affordable option for homes in Cardiff. They have a cuboid shape and a flat roof which leans into a wall of your home, giving the space its name. As a result, it takes up less space and uses fewer parts, reducing the cost. Not only that, but the flat roof makes meeting planning permission rules easier.

The UK's most popular design, the Victorian conservatory is a classic. They have a stunning, ornate roof that uses cornices to bring a sense of traditional style to your Cardiff home. Also, the design features a bay front with multiple panels of double glazing, creating more space and letting natural light flood into your home.

Edwardian conservatories are another traditional build for your home in Cardiff. You'll get a similar design to the Victorian option, but with a square floorplan and less decorative features. Because of this, your new build will be sleeker and more spacious, with a square floorplan that gives you more room inside.

If you want a grand addition to your home, the gable-end conservatory is an elegant, expansive option. Gable-end designs are incredibly open, thanks to a high-pitched roof. Because of this, you get more overhead space, and light flows through into your home. These conservatories add true character to your Cardiff home.

You might want to extend your Cardiff home with a larger space. Fortunately, Ultraframe have you covered. One of our expansive options is the P-shaped conservatory. These builds stitch a Victorian and Lean-to conservatory together at a 90-degree angle, giving you the best of both worlds.

Alternatively, you could select the T-shaped design for your Cardiff home. The T-shaped build has a central projection which extends towards your garden. Because of this, you can bring nature closer to your home, and you can add seamless sliding and bi-fold doors that open to reveal a wide-open entrance to the outside world.



With Ultraframe, you won't have to worry about unclear prices. With us, you can get accurate quotes in minutes for any unique build. That way, you can find the design that suits your budget as well as your style.

Our network of approved Ultra installers can give you a comprehensive quote today. All you have to do is use our Find An Installer function now to get in contact with one in your area. 

Get lower prices for leading conservatories in Cardiff today with Ultraframe!

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