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With Ultraframe, you can create unique conservatories for your Canterbury home with ease. That's because you'll get one from a company that values choices. We know no two homes are ever the same, so why provide spaces that are identical to each other? Instead, you get the chance to customise your new space to suit you.

All of our glazing, doors and roofing options are sleek, stylish and available in unique colours and finishes. However, they'll all have exceptional quality as standard. An Ultraframe conservatory is a step up on older designs. We've refined them for decades, they use premium-grade materials, and they come in a wide range of styles.

With Ultraframe's conservatories, you won't have to compromise in your Canterbury home. You'll get a space that suits your needs on a price that suits your budget. Not only that, but you'll be able to use it every day of the year. Our builds have high levels of thermal efficiency, meaning you can cut the cost of your energy bills while staying comfortable in your new space.

Conservatories Canterbury
Conservatory Prices Canterbury


It's easy to invest in unique conservatories in Canterbury when you choose Ultraframe. We offer a vast range of designs which you can customise in hundreds of ways. For example, you could choose obscured glazing, French doors or solid roofing, and customise them all with unique colours and finishes. Additionally, our conservatories come in three beautiful collections for you to explore.

Firstly, you could pick a traditional design from Ultraframe's Classic range of conservatories for your Canterbury home. However, while these builds have a classic look, they aren't stuck in the past. That's because the design uses advanced double glazing and robust profiles to keep your new space warm all year round.

Alternatively, the Performance range of conservatories can enhance any home in Canterbury. You'll get a build which uses state-of-the-art design to make your home warmer, safer and more durable. These conservatories are fully weatherproof, long-lasting and come with internal security hardware to protect you from intruders.

Finally, you may want an extension, but the price may be putting you off. However, with Ultraframe, you can get a space that feels like one for less! Our Conservatory Extension range uses robust materials to provide a room-like feel. And, with the option of brickwork walls and solid roofing, you can get brilliant performance as well.


In addition to our collections, you can pick conservatories from a range of styles for your Canterbury home with Ultraframe. We offer the UK's most popular designs and unique options that expand your home in style. Across all of our styles, though, you won't have to settle for a template. You can customise the design to suit your needs with ease.

With a lean-to conservatory, you could expand your home for less. These designs have a flat roof which 'leans into' your build, meaning it takes up less space and uses fewer materials. As a result, you're more likely to meet planning permission rules, expand on smaller plots, and save money on getting a new conservatory!

For a design classic, look no further than Victorian conservatories for your Canterbury home. These builds are the UK's most popular, and it's easy to see why. They have six or seven faceted windows and an ornate, pitched roof which stands out anywhere. And, with double glazing across the design, they let natural light flood into your home.

Alternatively, the Edwardian style brings classic design to your home in a slightly different shape. Rather than the distinctive Victorian design, the Edwardian build has a square, cuboid shape. As a result, you get a symmetrical floorplan, giving you more space and flexibility to use your new space how you want to.

Gable end conservatories bring light and warmth to any home in Canterbury. They have a triangular roof which has a high pitch. As a result, you get more space inside your new room, and rain slides off with ease. You can customise the roof with double glazing, solid structures or lightweight tiles as well!

If you want even more space in your home, you could invest in a P-shaped conservatory. These builds combine a Victorian and Lean-to design into one expansive space, proving that you can have the best of both worlds. You'll get a conservatory that's fully weatherproof too, protecting you from the elements.

If you'd like to use your garden more freely, why not consider our T-shaped conservatories for your Canterbury home? They have a central projection which extends into your garden, making entering it easy. And, with fully customisable sliding and bi-fold doors available, you can make the entrance seamless.



Choose Ultraframe and explore our full range of conservatories for your Canterbury home today!

One of our local installers will be able to give you a comprehensive quote for a fully bespoke design in minutes. They're fully qualified to install our designs, and right on your doorstep, saving time and money!

Find your local installer today, and find out how much you could benefit from an Ultraframe conservatory!

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