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If you live in Bristol and are thinking of adding a conservatory or extension to your home or transforming/upgrading your existing conservatory, then this is the guide for you. Throughout this handy guide, we will give you all the information that you need to kick off your conservatory extension project in your Bristol home.

Now that you’ve decided that you want to add extra living space to your home in Bristol, the first thing to decide is how you’re going to do this and there are quite a few options:

1.    Add a conservatory to your home

2.    Add an extension to your home

3.    Upgrade and transform your existing conservatory by replacing your conservatory roof in Bristol

Deciding which of these options to go for in order to add extra living space to your home is a big decision and there are many things which you need to consider when starting a home extension project in Bristol:


Considering the space you need is your starting point. Things to consider include what will you use the space for in your new conservatory or extension, how much space will you need for your planned usage and what shape/configuration would work best to achieve these goals. Once you have worked this out, you can then begin to consider whether a home extension is your best option vs. a conservatory or conservatory roof replacement.


When adding a conservatory or extension to your home in Bristol, as well as adding extra space to your home, bringing additional light in is another major factor for many people. It’s important to remember that in order for your new living space to feel as big as possible and also, for it to be a space that you enjoy living in, it must be light to give it a nice airy feel. We will explore the different ways that you can ensure a plentiful supply of natural light in your home when adding an extension to your home or adding a conservatory to your home later in this guide.

    Conservatories or Extension 

This is your next big decision – how to choose between a conservatory or an extension for your property in Bristol. To summarise the differences between conservatories and extensions, see below.

Conservatory Installation Bristol

How to Choose Between a Conservatory and an Extension

The main differences between a conservatory and an extension for your home in Bristol are the number of solid walls and the amount of glass vs tiles on the roof.

A conservatory is a light, airy room which is mostly glazed and so very light – it is an extremely popular choice. However, this large amount of glass does mean that on certain days in Bristol, a conservatory may get too warm or too cold to be used comfortably. A conservatory is separated from the rest of your home by a set of locking doors and so is very much a separate room from the rest of your home.

Adding a conservatory to your home in Bristol means that your new living space will likely feature more solid walls built from bricks and mortar or other solid materials and also a solid roof. This solid roof can still feature glazed areas though to ensure that your new home extension is flooded with light.

Ways to bring light into an extension in Bristol

If you choose to add an extension to your home then there are various Ultraframe roofing systems which can be used to ensure that your new living space is still flooded with plenty of natural light.

Choose from the following Bristol extension roof options to ensure that your new Bristol home extension is flooded with light:

    Flat roof with flat skylights

This is a very popular option right now, with many contemporary home extensions featuring this type of roof. The flat skylights can be quite large, much larger than the usual Velux type windows – allowing maximum light to enter your new room.

    Flat roof extension with a lantern

This is another popular option for home extensions in Bristol. The height of the lantern roof brings an extra dimension of drama in your extension.

    Pitched roof with tiles and full-length glazed panels

This is a popular option and one that can be achieved using the Ultraroof system from Ultraframe to either build a new extension roof or upgrade an old conservatory roof and transform it into a thermally efficient extension.


Replacing a Conservatory Roof in Bristol

If you already have an existing conservatory which is old and in need of an update, then you may be considering replacing your old conservatory roof and are looking for advice and information about replacing your conservatory roof in Bristol.

This is a great idea and one that will quickly transform an old tired conservatory into a new thermally efficient home extension that you are proud of. You will find that after replacing the roof of your old conservatory, you will spend far more time in your new extension and will wonder what you ever did without it!

Things to consider when replacing a conservatory roof in Bristol include:

    Will you replace just the roof or the window and door frames too? Your Ultraframe installer will be able to advise you on whether your old frames are still suitable.

    There is also the option when replacing a conservatory roof in Bristol to remove the whole structure so that all you are left with is the old conservatory base – this will then leave you free to build a new, more thermally efficient conservatory and it can be a different style to your old one – as long as it meets the same footprint as your old base.

    Finally, you may choose to knock down the old conservatory and extend the old base to then build a new larger conservatory or extension.

We hope that this guide has been useful if you are considering adding an extension to your home in Bristol, adding a conservatory to your home in Bristol or replacing your existing conservatory roof. Before you know it, you’ll be sitting back with a crisp cold glass of Bristol cider in your new living space and wondering how you ever lived without it.

Conservatory Prices in Bristol

If you are looking to find out the cost of installing a conservatory in Bristol, contact your nearest approved Ultra Installer. You can use our free Find An Installer tool which will put you in contact with your nearest approved Ultraframe conservatory installation company and you can get a better idea of your conservatory prices in Bristol.

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