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Conservatories Birmingham

A conservatory is the perfect way to open up your home in Birmingham and enhance your indoor space. Here at Ultraframe, we are renowned for creating and installing exceptional conservatories and conservatory roof replacements, so you can be sure we know a thing or two. Our experts are on hand to ensure you make the perfect decision for your next home improvement project. 


A conservatory is an incredibly versatile living space. For many years they have been loved by homeowners throughout Birmingham and the UK and they continue to be a favourite today. We are proud to offer some amazing options to homeowners that can be completely tailored to meet your personal taste and the dimensions of your home. 


If you are lucky enough to own a conservatory already, we have some fantastic refurbishment options that will transform the way you use your space. You may be worried that an older conservatory might need replacing when it starts to age. However, a roof replacement may be all you need to bring your glass extension back to life again. 
conservatory designs
modern conservatory

Conservatory Designs

A conservatory is a fantastic investment for your Birmingham home and we are on hand to help you make the right decision. There are some stunning conservatory styles and designs available that can be tailored to suit the dimensions of any property. A timeless Victorian conservatory is a well loved design that has continued to be popular for many decades. The design features a bay front and wide angle windows which exhibit a stunning heritage charm. A Lean To conservatory is also an excellent option for modern homeowners looking for a contemporary style that can enhance any property. We offer three different design options: Classic, Designer and Performance. Each option benefits from an amazing range of performance and design features that will create the perfect conservatory for you.

Your double glazed conservatory will fill your home with natural light that will spill into the adjacent rooms. They are designed with innovative features that promote high energy efficiency that will make your indoor space feel warmer. 

Our entire range of conservatories are fully customisable and therefore can be created to suit the dimensions or your home in the style that you desire. There are plenty of colours, shapes, finishes, styles and configurations to choose from.

You home in Birmingham will benefit from a glass extension that is both high quality and cost effective. You will enjoy new found space in your home at a fraction of the cost of a brick extension. That and a 10 year guarantee. 

conservatory roof replacement


Tiled Conservatory Roofs

If you are looking for a way to refurbish your older conservatory without needing to replace the entire extension, we have a fantastic option for you.  A tiled conservatory roof replacement is an innovative way to renovate your existing unit without the need to tear down the old foundations. 

The Ultraroof by Ultraframe is a cutting edge design that allows you all the benefits of a tiled roof without the cost and heavy features of traditional tiled roofs. The lightweight roof system is designed specifically with older conservatories in mind and therefore most aged glass extensions can take the weight of the new roof with ease. This lighter option also benefits from a quicker installation and assembly for homeowners in Birmingham. 

It can be customised in a number of ways to suit any home. Enjoy different colour options and configurations to meet your requirements perfectly. Even add a roof lantern for extra light if you like. Opting for tiled roof is the perfect way to improve the thermal efficiency of your home and retain more heat in the winter. 


Glass Conservatory Roofs

Glass conservatory roofs have been well loved for generations and allow the largest amount of light to flood into your home. Enjoy all the benefits of natural lighting year round with a stunning glass conservatory roof for your Birmingham home.

This excellent design option will make your conservatory feel as if the outdoors has been brought inside. If your existing unit has a glass roof that you do not want to sacrifice, we can ensure your new roof matches it seamlessly. 

The Ultrasky by Ultraframe is a beautiful option for your Birmingham conservatory. It has fantastic thermal efficiency and weatherproofing so you can enjoy a new roof that enhances the way you experience life indoors. The design uses fewer bars to let in the maximum amount of light throughout the day. Enjoy a night under the stars with a glass conservatory roof that lets you enjoy the sky above you.


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Stylish Designs Bespoke to You

There are some fabulous design features that can be tailored to suit you. A stunning range of colours, finishes and custom features are available to homeowners in Birmingham. A premium woodgrain effect will create an attractive conservatory style that boasts elegance and charm. Classic white frames can create both modern and traditional aesthetics that will lighten the appearance of your space.  

Our replacement conservatory roofs are available in an abundance of customisation options. You can choose from different colours to match the your existing property roof if you opt for a tiled conservatory roof. We can further incorporate beautiful sky lanterns that will create elegant spotlights in your room, perfect for dining tables or kitchen islands. By adding an insulated pelmet and super-insulated columns, you can enjoy a completely bespoke conservatory roof that excels in thermal performance. 
conservatory styles
small conservatory

Conservatory and Tiled Roof Replacement Installers

If you are confident that a conservatory or conservatory roof replacement is the perfect option for you, we can help you find an Ultra Installer near you. They have been approved by us and know our extensions through and through. 

We hope that you have found the above information helps in making your decision. If you are looking for some more inspiration, please take a look at our gallery or get in touch with us today. Our friendly experts will be happy to answer any questions you might have about your home improvement project.


Get inspired by these stunning conservatories in our gallery.

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