A Room With A View

21 February 2017 | 0 Comments

Location: Derbyshire

Product: UltraRoof380

Ultraframe Network Partner:  Sheffield Window Centre



When Stephen and Ruth Reaney bought their two-bedroom, stone cottage overlooking the
River Derwent in Derbyshire they knew they would enjoy picture-postcard views over the rolling Derbyshire countryside for many years.  Built in 1900, the cottage was perfect for their needs as Ruth explains: “we fell in love with the views as soon as we saw our cottage – it needn’t have mattered what the inside was like, it was the breath-taking scenery that really stole our hearts.”


The couple purchased the cottage in 1978 and enjoyed many years before they decided to extend their home with a conservatory.  The local planning rules meant the couple would need to install a conservatory with a glass roof so they approached Sheffield Window Centre in 2003.  Ruth continues: “Sheffield Window Centre has a fantastic reputation and we were impressed with the workmanship that went into our conservatory.  I love reading so I envisaged that it would become the perfect retreat for a good book with the views of the River Derwent in the distance.”


The couple used the conservatory during the spring and autumn but found the winter and summer months brought about unbearable temperatures so the conservatory was effectively closed off during these months.  After another cold winter in 2015, the couple decided to investigate the viability of swapping their glass roof for a solid roof to improve the usability of their conservatory so approached Sheffield Window Centre again. James Askew from Sheffield Window Centre picks up the story: “Ruth and Stephen were committed to a solid roof and, after seeing UltraRoof380 at a trade show, I knew the authenticity of the slate effect tile would be a perfect solution for the cottage which stands in a conservation area.  I was right, the conservation officer was really impressed and passed the UltraRoof380 straight away.”


The roof replacement was scheduled for the Summer 2016 and Ruth and Stephen Reaney has now got the perfect room they always hoped for.  As Ruth tells us: “from the installation to the final result we couldn’t be more pleased.  During the week of the installation we had particularly bad rainfall but even after the first day, our roof was watertight.  The speed it went up was remarkable, our neighbours passing the cottage couldn’t believe the transformation.  We’re a close-knit community and we all protect our wonderful views so any changes to properties really stand out – I’m pleased to say that our UltraRoof380 is perfect with our beautiful village and we’re now using our conservatory all the time.”


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