3 LivinRoof's in a row!

10 April 2017 | 0 Comments

3 LivinRoof's in a row!

Ultraframe’s award-winning lightweight solid roof, LivinRoof has captured the imagination of home owners across the country, in particular one row of detached homes in the Lake District.


Steve Lancaster of South Lakes Windows, who fitted the roofs explains, “it’s unusual for three properties to all specify such a new system and in such a short period of time – in less than a year all three properties had chosen a LivinRoof extension”


“From an aerial perspective (pictured) the story started with the property on the far right. Initially they were looking for a conservatory but after a trip to Ultraframe’s showroom in Clitheroe, they fell in love with the LivinRoof – they loved the option to integrate large sections of glazing and still retain the ‘room’ feeling of a solid roof.  Not long after we completed the job, the family on the far left approached us about their extension – they too wanted a solid roof and hadn’t considered a part glazed/part solid roof until they saw their neighbours.  Opting for a slightly bigger extension and integrating rendered columns, the family were delighted with the outcome.  We were then really surprised to hear from the couple in the middle property.  They were looking for an extension that would add value to their property and when they heard that their neighbour’s property had increased in value due to the LivinRoof extension, they were sold.  It’s an incredible story, there’s no question that these three installations have convinced many more customers that have come to view LivinRoof in our showroom – three neighbours, all sharing their experience, and all thrilled with the result – superb!”


Mr and Mrs Thompson are the couple in the middle house, “we really wanted an extension that we knew would add value to our property and when we talked to our neighbours who’d had their property valued with the LivinRoof, we were convinced we would also be adding value to our home if we ever came to sell.” 


“We really wanted an extension that feels like any other room in our house, conservatories tend to feel a little too cold and we wanted the space to feel like it belonged to the house – not just an add-on.  We often have our grandchildren over and we envisaged they’d still play in the house, but nothing could be further from the truth – they love the extension, helped by the fact that we were able to have a full size Christmas tree in there, so from day one, it’s been a super space that the whole family have come to love.  We’re really looking forward to the summer and opening up the doors into the garden, it’ll feel like a really natural blend between home and garden – we couldn’t be happier.  The light floods in – it really is the best of both worlds.”

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