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It's A Short Winter With Conservaglass

22nd February 2005

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Location: Motherwell
System: Livinroof
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Scott Leitch is used to wearing his shorts on the pitch every day as captain of the Scottish premier league football team Motherwell, but now his new conservatory is so warm in winter he keeps them on at home!!

Scott cannot believe how Conservaglass, from Ultraframe, the leading designer and manufacturer of conservatory roofing systems, keeps his conservatory so warm in winter and cool in the summer. In fact he was so impressed, he called the Ultraframe installer who’d completed the work and asked him to come and see the finished room one chilly winter’s day.

The installer said: “I couldn’t believe it; I was convinced Scott had dragged me out in the middle of winter to complain about something. But there he was in his shorts, determined to show me how effective Conservaglass can be, and how attractive it looked!”

Conservaglass Makes Conservatories Comfortable

Conservaglass features a unique invisible microcoating with an astonishing ability to keep solar heat out, yet keep the warmth from heating appliances in. Scott is delighted. He says: “We really love our new conservatory, it has added so much to our home in terms of space and light and we were genuinely surprised at the effectiveness of the Conservaglass roof. We wanted glass but thought that might mean a loss of heat, a crucial factor here in Scotland! I just had to let our installer know what a wonderful job he’s done recommending the Ultraframe roof – we really can use our new room all year round.”

To get the maximum return on your investment, you need to be sure that your conservatory will always be comfortable. A place to shelter from the heat of the sun on midsummer afternoons, but also to enjoy cosy dinner parties on frosty winter nights and enjoy an alfresco breakfast on sunny but chilly spring or autumn mornings.

If you take a typical south-facing conservatory during summer with standard sealed units the internal temperature is a torrid 85 degrees Fahrenheit. With Ultraframe Conservaglass Optimum or Premium the internal temperature is a pleasant 67 degrees. In fact, in an average British summer, Ultraframe Conservaglass Optimum or Premium can make a conservatory comfortably useable for an extra 70 hours per month.

Even furnishings are protected, as Conservaglass is a highly effective filter of the UV radiation, which causes fading. It’ll also lower fuel bills, as the glass is 25% more efficient at conserving energy than standard sealed units.

Which Ultraframe Roofing System is Right for You?

As you can see from the case study, Conservaglass was used to great effect – turning Scott’s conservatory into a room that was warm and comfortable and which he could enjoy, even during the coldest of winter weather.

Conservaglass is an industry-leading form of glazing that has been used by Ultraframe since 2002. It’s compatible with all Ultraframe roofing systems, so you’ll be able to enjoy its many benefits – whichever system you choose.

Here’s a quick overview of two of the conservatory roofing systems offered by Ultraframe:

Replacement Glass Roof

Conservaglass is used throughout this roofing system to great effect. This product will provide you with superb thermal performance, rewarding you with a U-value as low as 1.0 in some cases when you choose a unit that is double glazed.

The specification of Ultraframe’s replacement glass roof can be altered depending on individual requirements. In fact, it’s possible to block out as much as 83% of the sun’s rays using a combination of Conservaglass and other modifications.

This type of system is also perfect for anyone who wants a roof that requires minimal upkeep. The unique design of this product means it’s able to burn off dirt and grime, leaving the roof’s surface pristine and looking stunning all year round.


Livinroof is truly unique. Previously, homeowners had to choose between a solid or glazed roof. Ultraframe’s Livinroof revolutionised the conservatory roofing industry by allowing its customers to combine the very best attributes of both systems – resulting in a product built to their exact specification and which – when combined with Conservaglass – would turn their conservatory into a room that could be used all year round.

An appealing aspect of the Livinroof system is the internal pelmet that’s incorporated into its design as standard. The inside of your conservatory will look just as stunning as the outside, thanks to the inclusion of this feature, which allows for the inclusion of lights – which can also be fitted along the ridge along the top of the structure. The pelmet works closely with the Conservaglass to create light, bright and comfortable environment.

The Livinroof system allows aluminum roofing panels to be inserted at any juncture. This means it’s possible to direct where the light falls to achieve whichever effect is desired. It also empowers homeowners to create stunning and original modern designs that simply aren’t achievable with other types of conservatory roofing systems. Why not search for your nearest approved Ultraframe installer to find out more about Livinroof?

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