Architectural Bi-folding Doors

Bi-folding Doors
In order to provide wide opening bi-fold doors, folding doors, concertina doors or multi-folding doors as they are called are the best option available. The fully retractable doors can be used internally or externally.


                                 bi-folding house











Ultraframe only supply bi-folding doors as apart of a conservatory project. As part of its assessment, Ultraframe will decide whether a super duty eaves beam on a goalpost is needed to ensure there is limited deflection- excessive deflection cause bi-folds to stick.



bi-fold doors example
















Key information on Ultraframe Bi-folding doors

  • Made-to-measure, 
  • Stack in or stack out.
  • 2-6 pane configurations
  • Powder coated  aluminium externally and internally wide choice of RAL colours.