What is Ultraframe's Prestige Loggia?

What is Ultraframe's Prestige Loggia?

Loggia Prestige offers the utmost in affordable and luxurious interior design. More importantly, it could save you both time and money – cutting your heating bills by around 30% in comparison to a normal conservatory.

That’s because the latest offering from Ultraframe is designed to deal with the three main areas of heat loss in a house extension, while keeping rooms cool in summer and warmer in winter.

Consisting of three narrow Loggia columns, along with a Prestige insulating pelmet and central lighting panel that provides a variety of lighting designs, Loggia Prestige can be considered as the ultimate beauty enhancement for any home.

Discover the benefits of choosing Loggia Prestige

Colours that charm
What makes Loggia Prestige so distinctive is that there is a wide range of colour palettes to choose from. Mix and match with pure creams, classic whites, urban greys and landscape greens to create a distinctive look for your house extension.

Specific column design
The column style can either sit low on a wall or be at full height, depending on your chosen look. These columns can add a striking touch to each of the corners, and can also be placed against the wall of the house or even in-between frames on either side of door openings.

Choose your infill
Fluted infills can add an extra touch of embellishment to the design, or a simple and elegant cladding infill may be preferred if you enjoy the low-key look.

Improved thermal conditions
Transform your home and stay toasty during winter and cool during the summer by upgrading to internal pelmet , from Prestige insulating pelmet. internal pelmet provides the best of both the lightness of a conservatory with walls and the comfort and warmth of a traditional house extension.

Luxury choice at great value
Loggia Prestige offers a wide range of options when it comes to door and window types, low perimeter or elegant and full sized interior supports. Getting the choice and luxury interior design of your dreams is now in affordable reach.

Regardless of your choice, super insulated prestige columns add a welcoming feel to any house extension, improving its thermal capacity, while creating an extra dimension to both new and old properties.