What are the benefits of the internal pelmet system in an orangery or loggia?

What are the benefits of the internal pelmet system in an orangery or loggia?

Do you want a conservatory that feels more like a room… a living room, perhaps? Ultraframe can help! We have invented the internal pelmet, a sturdy internal frame which can transform your new orangery or loggia conservatory. However, this is an orangery for the modern family, with special features using the latest technology to make the space more comfortable and visually attractive.

The internal pelmet frame by Ultraframe is specifically designed to make the most of what your orangery or loggia already offers, adding extra space to your home and welcoming more natural light. However, its increased insulation also resolves some of the common temperature regulation issues, meaning it can be used as much in winter as summer.

One of the benefits of the internal pelmet is that it conceals the join between the roof and the walls of the conservatory, which improves the look and insulation of the construction. It also allows for the installation of internal spot lighting, and has the capacity to incorporate the guttering and cornice of the structure. The internal pelmet adds strength which also helps to protect it against winter weather conditions.

Orangeries were originally popular in the 17th to 19th century and historically they have been associated with large, majestic properties owned by wealthy families. Orangeries can be seen at many British landmarks such as Kensington Palace and Kew Gardens. Adding an orangery to your house makes a statement that the owner has taste and class. Like a conservatory, it acts as a connection between your home and your garden and allows you to enjoy your garden even when the weather isn’t warm enough to sit outside.

The internal pelmet is just one of Ultraframe’s range of home improvement products, and it shows a major progression from the traditional orangery. An orangery is a grander and sophisticated alternative to the typical conservatory, and the internal pelmet makes the most of modern technology to extent its benefits and create the perfect combination of classic design and 21st century innovation.