Transforming from good to great

Transforming from good to great.

In a market that has become ever more competitive, great service needs to be the ‘norm’ as it often proves to be the deciding factor for installers when choosing their roofing supplier.
ultraframe believes that one key ingredient in giving excellent service is to comprehensively train staff at every level. At ultraframe, training schemes that range from office staff spending time on the shop floor to multi-skilling personnel in numerous office roles, have all helped the market leaders transform into a sustainable service provider.

Changing Perceptions through attitude.
Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) have been defined and implemented to monitor and assess the day-to-day performance of operations and customer satisfaction. Excellence and innovation in service and delivery has enabled ultraframe to achieve a performance OTIF (On time and in full) of 98.5%, unquestionably a performance level of exceptional quality.

Bill Wallace, Service Improvement Facilitator at ultraframe, with 13 years service under his belt commented: “ultraframe has gone from strength to strength over the past 18 months in terms of delivering customer service excellence and this is the result of many initiatives implemented across the organisation. Simple things like redesigning the office layout has streamlined the flow of communications and has the technical support team at the heart of the operation to answer queries from numerous departments as quickly as possible.

We have a large core of highly experienced staff that share their knowledge with new starters and other colleagues as they strive to provide the service ultraframe system users deserve. In addition, we have numerous channels for feedback from users and all their suggestions and queries go direct to the relevant department to facilitate implementation. The information gathered when performance is less than satisfactory helps to pinpoint internal and external training needs and problem areas within the business.”

Service Culture.
In addition to monitoring performance, ultraframe has launched new service ideas that offer enhanced efficiency in areas such as the delivery process and roof specifying.

Early in 2007 ultraframe invested a six-figure sum into their transport infrastructure to streamline the delivery process. An increase in the use of stillages and the introduction of Moffett Mounties has enhanced the delivery service dramatically through reducing unloading times, the levels of man power needed and eradicating the risk of product damage caused by manual handling.

The electronic Structural Design Guide is an innovative software solution that has been designed to cut out the hassle factor for installers keen to design roofs to adhere to the new BS6399 legislation. The postcode of the installation is simply inputted into the eSDG and snow and wind loads are calculated automatically using an advanced database, therefore ensuring any roof specified is technically suitable for its unique location.

A steep learning curve.
Mark Punchard, ultraframe’s latest Marketing Executive has recently spent several days out on site with a retail fitting team, gaining hands-on experience in the conservatory installation process. Mark commented: “In the seven months that I have been in the marketing department I have spent time on the shop floor learning the products, been out on the road with our external sales team meeting customers and most recently I’ve assisted in the installation of a 3-facet Victorian.

I feel it is imperative to learn how the industry works by learning to appreciate first-hand the issues our customers face on a daily basis. Going out for days at a time is only the tip of the iceberg but I believe I have benefited enormously from such training initiatives. When I take calls from installers I can now appreciate their queries and offer viable marketing solutions.” Prior to his appointment in Marketing, Mark worked in the technical sales team drawing and ordering bespoke box gutters, ridges and other components, giving him an understanding of customers requirements during the ordering process.

Mark Punchard’s case is just one example of how ultraframe is training their staff to equip them with the knowledge to fully understand the industry.

Material created by ultraframe for internal training programmes have been adapted for use by ultraframe’s customers, ranging from a Jargon manual that is used to explain key words and phrases in the industry, to a step-by-step guide to installing a conservatory from start to finish. In addition, ultraframe has a Formula Guide and a Surveyors Guide to help ultraframe system users train their new starters and provide back up when installers require guidance.

ultraframe continue to innovate with new product designs and unique roofing solutions to remain the industry’s number one choice for configurability and performance. With unrivalled product technology, customer support and ever improving service levels, ultraframe truly offers the entire package to conservatory fabricators and installers.

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October 2007

Ultraframe deliver innovative and top quality conservatory roof systems for the trade which suit all styles, all applications, all consumer types and which offer excellent value for money.
The market leading company invests heavily in research and development to provide the most technologically advanced and stylish conservatory roofing solutions, maximising light and space. Ultraframe are at the forefront of conservatory design and its systems are mainly used in the home improvement sector but also in new housing and commercial applications in the UK and Europe.

In 2006 the privately owned Latium Group, which has many interests within the glass & glazing and home improvement markets acquired Ultraframe. The Latium Group is owned by entrepreneur Brian Kennedy.

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