How to design a bespoke conservatory

How to design a bespoke conservatory

conservatories can enhance the beauty of your home, add more space, and create a room that can be used for cross-purposes, from dining to reading, to watching television. Adding a conservatory to your property means that you can create a bespoke extension, complementing and brightening the look of your home, to your desired specification.

Using specialist CAD software, can design the conservatory that you’re looking for following your consultation appointment. Our glazed extensions are all unique, meaning we can discuss size, shape and style when we visit you, and can take measurements and photographs. We will then go away, and using the credentials that you’ve supplied, prepare a design and quotation and then arrange a time to present the results to you. Appointments are free of charge and you’re under no obligation.

The benefit of a CAD designed conservatory is that you can see directly how it would integrate with your property, offering you a comprehensive and life like look at the potential final result. This approach also gives you the control of being able to modify the design, to make it look and work better with the rest of the building. We employ professional, dedicated and expert staff with many years of experience in the industry to give you the best possible service.

You can, alternatively, give us designs created by an architect and we can work from these to construct and build your glazed extension. You can ask the designer to send these to us directly in the form of email attachments to speed up the process. If you would like a comparative quotation, we will be happy to arrange this for you.

We can offer guidance and expertise to help you make informed decisions to suit your needs and requirements. We can advise on listed buildings, planning permission and areas of conservation. From design to construction, we will be here to assist you in the successful completion of your dream conservatory, eliminating the potential stress that building work can bring.