Home Counties Roofing Systems moves to Ultraframe

A desire to keep ahead of their competitors has driven Home Counties Roofing Systems to switch to fabricating Ultraframe conservatory roofs. The Milton Keynes based fabricator wanted to provide its customers with the best quality and most technically advanced roof system on the market and found that only Ultraframe could meet their demands.

Home Counties conducted thorough research in their hunt for an alternative supplier who could keep them at the forefront of the conservatory industry. The company has the capability to manufacture over 50 roofs a week, so efficient product ordering and delivery was paramount in their search for a new supplier.

Geoff Davies said: “We felt it was time to introduce a change that would inject some enthusiasm back into our company. After a lot of researching and several meetings we realised that Ultraframe could offer us a package that meets our need for a superior product range, excellent sales back up plus outstanding technical and marketing support. We are particularly impressed with Ultraframe’s ability for next day delivery on our component orders. This new partnership allows us to work with a company who is concentrating on providing products which deliver exactly what the marketplace is looking for, so we in turn we can give our customers what they want.”

To maximise order accuracy and cost efficiency Home Counties are planning to use Ultranet Order Manager. This initiative was developed by Ultraframe in partnership with its fabricators to give them a unique, cost effective and responsive solution to ordering Ultraframe products. The user-friendly system reduces paperwork and allows fabricators to easily configure roofs, prices and order stock components.

For the past twelve months Ultraframe also has been running a program of regular fabricator consultation days. This Customer First approach provides an opportunity to gather vital feedback and for Ultraframe customers to preview the latest developments and shape the way Ultraframe products and services evolve before they are offered to the market place.

Geoff Davies continued: “Finding a company who actually listens to what we want from a supplier is very refreshing. All our staff have been receiving excellent training and support from Ultraframe which is making the transition to the new products much simpler. Although it is early stages we have had an overwhelmingly positive response from our customers who really trust the Ultraframe brand. Combined with the reputation for quality and customer service that we have built over the years, I’ve no doubt we’ll make a great team and our customers will benefit.”

Ultraframe’s Commercial Director, Nick Brown, said: “We are delighted to welcome Home Counties Roofing Systems on board. Working hand in hand with our customers is the future of our business. Clearly Ultraframe already has a great product range and a number of innovative service initiatives that enable our customers to differentiate themselves from their competitors. We will be paying more attention to developing the infrastructure that will enable us to deliver increased customer service and jointly develop innovative conservatory solutions."

For more information on Home Counties Roofing Systems call 01908 227881 or email hers@btconnect.com