As consumers use the Internet ever more frequently to research new products they increasingly seek unusual additions to their own homes. 'Keeping up with the Jones' has been replaced with 'overtaking the Jones' and so for continued success, home improvement companies need to be forward-thinking in their choice of product offering.

At Ultraframe a lifetime of commitment to Research & Development continues today and has produced many unique products and features that other roofing system manufacturers have been unable to replicate. Extensive design resources are continually focused on striving to produce products that work harder for fitters and provide end users with a uniquely different product, both in terms of aesthetics and performance.

The latest innovative offering from Ultraframe is a pagoda-style ‘super-roof’ which gives a modern twist to the original lantern style conservatory by removing the tier of windows between the upper and lower roofs to provide a stunning and contemporary effect. This unique style uses familiar components from the Ultraframe Classic system and can span up to 7.5m width x 9.0m projection – these sort of sizes usually require a portal frame but the Pagoda style conservatory minimises the need fir supporting structures, save for some side frame windposts/brickpiers. For those that want to offer something that little bit different with bags of style the Pagoda is the product of choice

Mark Hanson, Marketing Manager at Ultraframe commented: "We see our market leading Classic system being configured into strikingly unusual designs by some of our more adventurous customers, so knew that there was a market for a new and unique style of conservatory. Our Research & Development team have engineered the Pagoda roof to be something that is not only visually pleasing, but also amazingly strong in terms of the spans available."

The varied glazing options for the Pagoda roof further offer the discerning consumer the chance to create a stylish effect that is sure to get the neighbours talking. Conservapanel insulated panels are the latest addition to the range of high performance glazing materials available from Ultraframe. The external face of the panels is available in a neutral palette of browns, greys, blues and slate colours to complement any style of home, whilst the interior finish of the panel is available in virtually any colour of decorative laminate, enabling the homeowner to select a panel which perfectly complements their interior design scheme.

For those who like to be creative there are a number of ways that the panels can be used – glaze both tiers of the roof with the panels in one or more colours or use the panels in just one tier of the roof and combine with high performance polycarbonate or Conservaglass for a contrasting or complementing effect. For example, the subtle blue Conservaglass may be used in the top tier of the roof, ensuring a light interior atmosphere and combined with the slate blue Conservapanel in the lower tier.

With an unbelievable U value of just 0.16 Wm²/degC, the panels offer an outstanding level of thermal performance. Each 35mm panel is formed using a closed cell high-density fireproof foam; with a choice of coloured cement aggregate board externally, and an internal melamine laminate sheet to complete the construction. The unsurpassed thermal performance of the panels, when coupled with Conservaglass in the side frames means that the doors between the house and conservatory can be removed and will automatically comply with Part L of Building Regulations. This is a fantastic benefit for both homeowners and installers as the lengthy Building Regulations process can often be complicated and frustrating for all involved. Not only this, but particularly on older Victorian properties built with solid, non-cavity walls, a thermally efficient structure such as this can actually reduce the heat energy needed to warm adjacent rooms in the dwelling.

Chambered top cappings, another innovative solution introduced by Ultraframe, further increase the thermal efficiency of the Pagoda roof and also solves the potential problem of glazing bars bowing and twisting due to their uniquely strong twin-wall structure. The chambered top cappings are available in a choice of 2 designs – bevel or dome – to further increase the freedom of aesthetic choice for the homeowner.

Innovations such as the Pagoda roof, Conservapanel and chambered top cappings not only create an outstanding conservatory in terms of thermal performance, aesthetics and structural stability, but the high level of technology and pedigree involved in the products and the Ultraframe brand inspire discerning homeowners to choose these products over any others during their research.

Interestingly, the decision makers in the typical family take very different roles during the conservatory buying process. The female tends to be the one who instigates the purchase, driven by a need for extra space in the home or an aspirational desire for a light airy room to relax in and enjoy the surrounding views of the garden - the stunning aesthetics of the Pagoda and Conservapanel would be great motivators for the female. Meanwhile, the male is more focused on the technology involved, how does the structure fit together, what is the energy rating and structural performance and which product on the market is the absolute best to fulfil these requirements? The engineering and design know-how that have gone into the creation of the Pagoda roof and Conservapanel, backed up the pedigree of the Ultraframe brand are enough to convince the male that these are products for those that seek the utmost quality, both in aesthetic and performance terms.

Of course, these highly interesting product developments are not the first and will certainly not be the last to be introduced into an otherwise me-too market by Ultraframe who have strived to advance the industry for over 20 years. Mark Hanson concluded: “The ongoing success of our customers is testament to the fact that consumers do look for exciting, yet reassuring products to create unique additions to their home, and in an ever competitive industry, it is clearer today than ever that he who dares to be different prospers.”


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July 07


Ultraframe deliver innovative and top quality conservatory roof systems for the trade which suit all styles, all applications, all consumer types and which offer excellent value for money.

The market leading company invests heavily in research and development to provide the most technologically advanced and stylish conservatory roofing solutions, maximising light and space. Ultraframe are at the forefront of conservatory design and its systems are mainly used in the home improvement sector but also in new housing and commercial applications in the UK and Europe.

In 2006 the privately owned Latium Group, which has many interests within the glass & glazing and home improvement markets acquired Ultraframe. The Latium Group is owned by entrepreneur Brian Kennedy.

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