Elevation enhancements allow more creativity

Leading conservatory roofing systems designer and manufacturer, Ultraframe has announced new technical and design enhancements to its Uzone Elevation lean-to conservatory roof offering. The low pitch lean-to roof, which features Clicklock technology, has been improved to make the roof even more flexible and quicker to install on site. The enhancements which have been introduced following regular consultations with customers have resulted in new roof components and an improved installation guide to make this stylish and contemporary roof even more configurable.

Andrew Thomson, Design and Development Director at Ultraframe, explained: “The design team at Ultraframe has readdressed the Elevation wall plate and top capping to deal with on site applications where vertical space is limited. Typically this may occur on bungalows which are restricted in height between the top of the door at the front of the conservatory and underneath the soffit of the house. The new modified system allows the wall plate to be cut into two with the upper half of the wall plate brought forward and attached to the fascia board onto which the top capping is attached. The wall plate and top capping have also been redesigned to make fitting easier.”

To make installers’ jobs even easier, Ultraframe has also introduced a new installation guide for its standard Elevation system and its Elevation Plus roof. The installation guide highlights the new system improvements and uses clear graphics to provide step by step installation instructions so that installers can fully benefit from the fitter friendly Clicklock technology in an even greater number of situations.

To demonstrate the configurability and flexibility of its Elevation system, Ultraframe used standard parts to create a completely new concept for the lean to conservatory, displayed at Glassex 2006. The roof of the Elevation conservatory sloped upward away from the house and the side frames splayed outward in plan view to showcase aesthetics normally associated with more expensive conservatory types.

Andrew Thomson who created the design said; “When Ultraframe launched Elevation and Elevation Plus in 2004 it revolutionised the lean-to market, providing more stylish options that are fast and easy to install. At Glassex 2006 we wanted to create a design that proved that you could truly stretch the boundaries of conservatory installation by using an Elevation lean-to roof and standard components from our range. The result was a highly innovative conservatory featuring a reverse sloping roof which became one of the major talking points of the show. With a box gutter at the back, the Elevation roof sloped upwards away from the house with a pitch of 7 ½ degrees, an angle not normally available with traditional lean-tos. The side frames also splay outwards in plan view.”

The conceptual Elevation design received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Andrew Thomson commented: “When the owners of the conservatory sit inside and look outwards they have an expanding perspective both horizontally and vertically thereby reinforcing the impression of a sweeping, spacious environment.”

Ultraframe are now working on offering these bespoke concepts to their customers as part of their product range. The enhancements unveiled to the Elevation lean-to roofing system are just one part of Ultraframe’s ongoing commitment to delivering innovative products and services.

Nick Brown, Sales and Marketing Director concluded; “Ultraframe is continually working in partnership with its customers to jointly develop innovative conservatory solutions. The company conducts regular meetings and open days with its installers and fabricators which are vital for Ultraframe to receive feedback. This is then used to shape the way Ultraframe products and services are evolved to meet our customer needs. This process has made it clear that our customers are incredibly loyal to our existing roofing systems and although they perceive innovation as important, our customers are committed to using Ultraframe tried and tested systems too, such as Uzone, the Classic roof and Elevation too. We are making these important improvements to our systems which our customers have identified will make their job easier and help them sell more roofs.”

For more information on Elevation and Elevation Plus visit www.ultraframe.com or call the Installer First Team on 0870 414 1002.

June 06